Feedings and Sleep Advice Needed!!!

Hi everyone some guidance and advice ( you guys have helped me out so much before figured this was the best place to ask) My twins are 2months ( 1 month corrected) and we are having a hard time trying to extend any sleep for them at night. They nap fine during the day, if they are napping they wake up every 3 hours and we feed them. At our last drs visit our dr said we could get them to start sleeping longer at night. We are aiming for 4 , but it seems impossible. Before this week it was hit or miss if we had to wake them up at night when they were every 3 hours, now they wake up at the exact same time screaming like I have never fed them before! Does this mean we should back off and keep them every 3 hours? Also how much if your twins were bottle fed, how much did they take at this age? I hope this makes sense ( I am a little sleep deprived!)

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    My girls are almost 4 months, and still seem to need those night feelings every 3 hours.  They will sometimes give me a 5 hour stretch for the first sleep of the night, but then it is 3 or sometimes even 2 hours after that.  I've tried to feed them more during the day, but it doesn't seem to help (they are EBF, so I have no clue how many ounces they get). I've come to the conclusion that they are still little and just aren't ready to sleep longer yet.  I live in the hope that will change soon!

    They were born at 37 weeks and 2 days, if that matters.   

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  • I just let them tell me when they wanted to feed at that age during the night. I kept them on a strict every 3 hour feeding schedule during the day, but once my pedi gave me the okay to "not wake them up" I just let them tell me. Sometimes it was still every 3 hours and sometimes they gave us longer stretches. They WILL start going longer stretches at night, I promise!!!! Just let them figure it out at night and keep to your routine in the day. Mine are exclusively bottle fed. Mine have never been big drinkers!! Even now at 9 months they only drink four 5 to 6 oz bottles. I think at 2 months they were only drinking 3 to 4 oz. Keep at it hun.....your LOs will start giving you more sleep, but it takes time! I was not one of those people that had babies that slept through the night at 3 or 4 months old. Mine didn't start sleeping through the night till 9 months. They stopped wanting their 1 night time bottle around 6 months.
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  • Thank you both! I need a little pep talk!


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    I agree with keeping them on a schedule during the day. The night time will work itself out. Both of mine were getting up to eat every 3-4 hours at that age. My girl started sleeping all night about 3 weeks ago. My boy still gets up to eat once at night. They were born at 37w1d and were still small at 1 month. Good luck!
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