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For those who have been on it, did any get prescribed just 2 pills to be taken 4 days apart? I took a 9 day supply a couple of weeks ago, then was on an antibiotic so now the pain's back in full force. In my message I requested the 14 day treatment and she called in 2 pills. I doubt this is going to help me and don't get to see the Dr till the 25th, 9 weeks post partum. Ugh...
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Re: diflucan

  • I did get just 2 pills and took them 4 days apart. It has always worked great for me. Should be good as long as whatever you were on the antibiotic for is totally gone and doesn't come back. Good luck that's a crappy cycle to be in. 
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  • I got 3 pills, I was instructed to take 1.5 pills twice, one week apart.

    I still have thrush and I've been on 3 different Rxs and have been drinking nasty apple cidar vinegar. This has been going on for 4 weeks. Grrrrr.

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