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Update: NBR: URGENT: TP needed

Hi all,

Urgent prayers needed. For those who may remember FIL's situation, he's in hospice. Well, we got a call just now saying that they put him on oxygen and he may not make it through the night. Today, 7/10, is DH's birthday, and FIL is his only parent. We knew this day would come, but I hope to God, for my husband's sake, that he does not pass away on his birthday. Please, please send thoughts and prayers that he at least makes it through the night. Dh is already devastated at the fact that today was his last birthday with FIL. It would break him if he passed away on his birthday.

Update: FIL just passed this morning. Dh spent the past two nights with him, and he waited until dh came back from the restroom to take his last breath. My heart is breaking for dh. Just six weeks until lo is set to arrive.

Re: Update: NBR: URGENT: TP needed

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