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Poo problems

We have been having issues off and on since December with my 15 month old being able to poo. It has been so bad at times that my husband has had to help her get it out, even after giving an enema. We even ended up in the ER one day because of her screaming in so much pain, and they didn't do a darn thing we hadn't already done at home. We have gone to her pedi more than once about it and are basically told to just give her miralax. I'm not really ok with that plan because I don't want her to have to rely on miralax to poo.

I'm calling tomorrow to make an appt with a different doc to see if they are willing to explore the issue because my pediatrician seems to think its perfectly ok for my toddlers anusto prolapse because "you can just push it back in". He also never takes illness seriously, always opting for telling us shes at the end of something. We are taking her to our new family doc because unfortunately most of the pediatricians in this town are all kind of worthless.

I guess my question is does anyone else have a kiddo who is having or was having issues not being able to pass stool? Is there perhaps a food concern I need to ask about or do I insist on going to a pediatric GI?
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Re: Poo problems

  • My DD had poo problems like this around 910mos old and then one occurrence recently. The screaming is so sad and I feel so bad for her. We have had to help her get it out and the most effective when it's actually stuck is to put counter pressure on the sides of her bottom to help her push it out gross I know. We have also used 1/2 chuldren's suppository which took 12 hours to work when it got really bad.

    More importantly, preventative things that have worked are pushing tons of fluids and making sure she gets at least one jar of prunes a day. Greek yogurt everyday also helped. She still takes a milk bottle several times a day so we also mix 1/2 oz of prune juice in with her milk with every bottle. We try to limit her eating too much bread/pasta and push fruits and veggies more.

    At 16 mos my DD only has 2 teeth so she still takes a lot of purees. We have taken whole prunes and cut them in 4 or given her raisins too, but it takes her a much longer time to eat.
  • DS has has constipation issues his whole life. For him it ended up being an issue with milk and soy protein. He was on alimentum as an infant and that helped a ton. Now he's on whole milk and we have to give him 2 prunes a day with breakfast to keep him regular. When he skips a day or two of pooping it can get bad. I'm so sorry your LO is dealing with this. I know how hard it is to see them and pain and barely be able to help!
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  • Boil: cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, broccolis

    then put them in your blender. Before you blend, add an apple & banana.

    Now blend til they are all mixed and smooth.


    My babe goes within 2 hrs. She likes to eat this every morning. We hope it works for your child. 



  • My DD has large hard stools.  I also have problem with miralax.  We switched pedi and it seemed to help.  She gets and Activia yogurt every other day which helps keep her regular.  She also eats a lot of high fiber foods.  Our pedi thinks the biggest hurdle we have is that my DD doesn't like to drink (maybe 12 ounces a day) so this is why she has such a hard time pooping as she just doesn't have enough fluid in it.  But it is very hard to make a 2 year old drink more.  We leave water out so she can get to it.  My pedi really pushed us to do prunes but DD won't eat them.  Apricots and raspberries work well with us too.  Good luck it is so hard.  Will she sit on the potty to go at all?  We have been pooping on the potty since around 9 months to help ease the discomfort which really help with the potty training we are doing now. 

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  • Ask your pedi about lactulose. It is the only thing that helped ds's poop issues.
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  • I have also  have had issues with constipation with DD, who is 14 months. I usually add some prune juice to her milk and she eats papaya mixed with cottage cheese. I also have her on a probiotic. She also like to eat raisins and blueberries which seem to help.
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    I would a) have her checked out for a dairy intolerance, and then b) go the preventative route:

    Don't feed her any processed foods (think super, super clean eating), and push liquids and fruits/veggies.  Try yogurt for the probiotics in the morning, along with whole fruit (not juice).  For lunch do steamed/roasted veggies, lentils, beans, etc.  Whole wheat pasta is okay, as long as she isn't eating a ton of it.  Also, cheese can be constipating too.  Anything processed- like goldfish, most foods marketed toward kids, is not good.  Go for real food, nothing packaged. 

    You could also look into a probiotic to add to her milk/liquid... I have a few friends who swear by them for their toddlers.  Good luck!  

  • Just a question, but do you know if your LO is trying to hold their poop in? DD started doing this around 15 months after I kept telling her not to poop in the bath tub. She took it as "Don't poop ever", and since then, she holds her poop in to the point where she's screaming about it until she can't hold it anymore. She had stopped doing it for a while, then she got a rash that was painful, so she figured if she was holding her poop, it wouldn't hurt.

    We tried to just ignore her when she'd go and see if it was a behavioral problem that would just go away on it's own, but we had no luck with that.

    What we do now is whenever I see her trying to go, I stick her on the potty. I'm not training her because she's too young, but because of the position on the potty, she can't hold her poop in. She hates it, but I figure at least she's pooping at this point. She'll hold it in for a couple days if we don't intervene and then she'll be absolutely miserable.

  • There is nothing wrong with giving your child Miralax.  It is not a stimulant laxative, it is an osmotic laxative which just means it pulls water into the intestine to soften the poop.  It is not the kind of laxative that you can become dependent on.  It is extremely useful for children who are chronically constipated and/or withhold poop for behavioral or emotional reasons.

    Do you think that your child might be holding in poop because he associates pooping with pain?  Miralax is the treatment of choice for this condition until pooping becomes painless and all negative association has been extinguished.

    That being said, I also agree with the advice of PPs about looking into dairy intolerance, increasing fiber, adding prunes or other dried fruit + plenty of liquid on a regular basis, and avoiding processed foods.  Sounds like a new doctor would not be a bad idea, either.

    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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