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weight...umm not gaining

So I am 35 weeks along. But I'm not gaining. I haven't in 5 weeks. But baby is... but this pregnancy I lost 10 lbs put it back on lost 5 put it on and am up 8 lbs... is anyone else had this happen???

Re: weight...umm not gaining

  • Is your OB concerned? If not, you shouldn't be either. Everyone gains differently.

  • You're fine. I lost 12 pounds in the first 3 months. And I'm 36 weeks now and have only gained 11 pounds after that. My OB was concerned at first when I was 32 weeks because I had only gained 6 pounds and she was afraid baby wasn't growing. But everything's fine now.

    As long as your OB's not concerned you shouldn't worry. Talk to them if you're that concerned.

  • Is your OB concerned? If not, I wouldn't be. Everyone is different. Every pregnancy is different. It is impossible to say what should be normal or not.

    So long as your uterus is measuring properly, there shouldn't be any cause for concern. Your body will do what it needs to.

    Relax and enjoy the last few weeks.


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  • I haven't really been gaining either, but they told me that might happen. I am on a specific diet for GD. I have had a couple growth scans and baby is in the 24th percentile (small). They told me to eat more calories (not more carbs), so I have been putting cheese on everything :-) still haven't gained. My OB doesn't seem bothered by it. 

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. If your doctor is worried, they will tell you.  

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  • image amarissa85:
    Is your OB concerned? If not, you shouldn't be either. Everyone gains differently.


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  • Pretty much what all previous poster said. I personally have gained 2 pounds since the first visit. I'm also very plus sized, so the doctor is not worried.
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