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I just recently took a class on water birth and I just love the idea of it, I wanted to hear about any of you moms out there who have done water birth and your experience? Also with your experience, how much weight did you gain throughout your pregnancy and where you underweight or overweight before? I've gained 40lbs so far and I was in my normal BMI when I got pregnant, I'm 30weeks now and a little worried I'll have gained too much weight to be able to do it?! 

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  • Why do you think gaining more weight means you can't water birth?

    My DD was born in the water. It was in our bathtub which was not comfortable...my labor came too quickly to get down to the labor tub we rented for our planned home birth. I'm hoping to have time to use the rented labor tub this time because it would have been so much more comfortable.   My midwife is completely comfortable with attending a water birth.


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  • The midwife that taught the water birth class was pretty big on how much weight you gain during pregnancy, supposedly it causing more complications, and can make u high risk and if that happens she said the risk of having a water birth is too great, then you can't do it. 
  • Lurking:  I had a water birth (in hospital) for my VBAC a year ago.  I was about 50 lbs over weight when I got pregnant and gained somewhere between 20 and 25 lbs during my pregnancy.  Personally, I think that since I'm bigger the water actually helped me achieve my goal of birthing naturally since I was able to use the buoancy of the water to my advantage and get into positions that were both comfortable and were more productive for pushing.  I basically birthed in a squatting position which I know I couldn't have done if I was on dry land. 
  • I had a waterbirth with both and gained 40lbs with each

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  • The midwife may have been alluding to GD moms as not being the best candidates for a water birth (mostly due to some extra tests that need to be run during labor and on the baby after).  But otherwise I'm not sure what gaining too much weight has to do with it.  I'd say you should still be a good candidate.

    I never had a water birth but I've been to a few as part of my job and they seem to be an ideal way to give birth.  Moms always seem more calm and relaxed and in less pain when in the water.  May be a coincidence that these moms just had higher pain tolerance than the other births I've been to, but that's been my experience.  My hospital allows you to labor in water but not birth in it so that's out for me.

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  • I've had 2 water births! They were both GREAT experiences! Being in the water felt wonderful; it relieved so much pain, it allowed me to move around however I needed, I felt (relatively) weightless, etc. 

    With regards to weight, I've never heard about gaining too much pregnancy weight making you high risk or making water birth more risky. Especially if you had a normal BMI beforehand. I know sometimes obesity and/or GD can make things high risk, but those are different issues than normal pregnancy weight gain. But for what it's worth, I gained 30-40 lbs with each pregnancy. 

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  • Your weight gain has nothing to do with it.  I did it twice and it's AWESOME!! 
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