So I'm finally getting used to babies eating sleeping pooping schedule. She is 3 and half weeks so will be month soon. But one thing I can remember from my older sons experiance is that the minute we get used to babies and toddlers schedule and phase it changes. So I'm wondering what to expect from little girl from 13 months. What to expect after the 1 month period. Will things remain the same for little longer? She still sleeps alot...when will she be up for longer periods and how will that effect BF schedule. When can she start laying in the bouncer or look at hanging toys? Please share if you've recently have gone through this phase or going through it. TIA

Re: Change

  • Every baby is different. My oldest was a sleepy baby and cat napped her way through her first 4 months. My second stayed on a pretty rigid 2 hour schedule for 3. My DS is 2 months and 1 week, and he's on a 2.5 3 hour schedule. He's throwing in some longer naps and sleeping better at night, so he's changing things up during the day.
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