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Trying not to judge...but really?

I'm watching Toddler and Tiara's (I know, I know) and this Mom gives her 2 year old coffee every morning!! She says she's been giving it to her since she was 9 months old. Just, Wow. 
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Re: Trying not to judge...but really?

  • image DC2London:
    I kind of feel like the point of shows like that is for the viewer to judge.  Maybe the appeal of reality tv is that seeing how dysfunctional other people are makes us feel a little bit better about our own flawed lives?  IDK.  I usually try not to judge but giving a 9 month old coffee.....judge away, my friend.  Judge away.

    My thoughts exactly. 

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  • image Karla CS:

    image sararn2004:
    I watch it too on amazon prime while on the stationary bike...I silently judge them all.


    I judge them.. loudly. Hubby joins in. It's quite cathartic.  

    Are you in my living room? Sounds like SO and I when we see commercials. I couldn't watch it personally I'd be screaming before they even got to the pageants.  

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  • How about not giving real food, but loading kids up on pixy `sticks!
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  • I couldn't watch those cause I judge too loudly. I think they like to get the viewer worked up in order to increase the ratings anyway. I question why Honey Boo Boo is still on!


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  • image Karla CS:

    I judge them.. loudly. Hubby joins in. It's quite cathartic.  

    100% this!! Quite frankly, they should be judged. I judge people who whore out their children and do things that can negatively impact their health for a tv show.  

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  • You can judge that. Terrible. 

    We are so thankful that our second daughter, Lillian Elizabeth "Lily", was born healthy and happy on February 11, 2013.  We love her to pieces.  

    We lost our first daughter, Hannah Grace on May 4, 2011.  She was buried on May 14 during a beautiful service at my home church. We are grateful that if she could not be here with us, that she is healed and whole with the Lord. We look forward to the day when we will get to meet her. We love her so much.

  • agree! craziness to me.  but to each their own
  • When I was in elementary school I knew someone who would give her baby (probably around a year old) coffee. He would projectile vomit almost every day. Even as a young kid, I knew that that was wrong, but what how's a kid going to convince a parent that giving coffee to their baby is bad? Some people just don't have any common sense.
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