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Moby wrap?

Hello. I was wondering if any of you have gotten the Moby wrap. If you have it, do you like it? Was it worth the money? TIA

Re: Moby wrap?

  • Is he only freaking out when you are with him?  Does he do the same thing with dad?  If he is fine a the gym DC then it might be more about you and how you react around the other kids and he is picking up on it.  I'm meaning he doesn't want you to pay attention to the other kids he wants you to only pay attention to him or it could simply be an anxiety about the new baby coming.  2 year olds do weird things for no reason and seem to have wild mood swings. 
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  • My DS went through a phase just like that from the time he was 22 months, until about 28 months. I had actually posted on here for advice, too!

    I almost pulled him out of his gym class because anytime another child came near him he would have a meltdown, cry, put his hand out like he was afraid the kid was going to come too close, do something to him, take what he had etc.  When we'd go to the park, if another kid got behind him on the stairs going up or anything like that, he'd freak. It was like he was extremely paranoid.

    At around 28 months it just disappeared.  All of a sudden he never had a problem at gym class or anywhere else again. Many people told me it sounded like a typical 2 year old but I worried it wasn't normal...but they were right I guess!

    ETA:  Here's a link to my post about it when we were going through it:   http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/73740614.aspx

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  • image Oually:
    Thanks ladies! Aimee...those replies make me feel SO much better! Do you know if he had those meltdowns when you weren't around? I can't say if my son does it with my husband because I'm always around as well. But I definitely know from the nursery workers at the gym that he does just fine when I'm not there. I can't believe I could still have months of this! It is very embarrassing and I feel like our friends won't want to be around us because, really, who wants to take their child around a kid who screams at them?! And I feel like people don't get to know how amazing and sweet my son really is.

    I felt the same way!  I always felt like saying "you probably don't believe me but he is not a brat!"   He started having this problem around 22 months and I can't really say what he would have been like without me because honestly there just didn't happen to be times he was playing with kids without me around (I was very pregnant, and then had a newborn, during this phase).  Prior to this, until he was 19 months, he had gone to daycare a couple times a week and I know he didn't have this problem at that time.

    I didn't even want to leave the house with him during this time and didn't know what to do. None of the other kids he was around were acting this way despite being around the same age. I had even posted at one point asking people who I should talk to if I think my son has a behavioral disorder.  Now I'm so thankful that it went away on it's own and fairly quickly once it did. It's so much nicer to be able to go out now and not deal with this.  I hope things turn around for you sooner rather than later!

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    My dd started doing this around 18 months, and I was really worried about it also (I also stay at home with her).  Overall, she is much, much better about being around other kids now (she is 28 months), although she will still occasionally get upset when another child comes into her space.  So I guess it was just a phase?!  One thing I did when it was really a problem was try to model appropriate behavior around other kids....so we would talk about saying hi to other kids, asking them what their names were, waving, etc, and then if we were at the library or grocery store or park and there was another child around us, I would do those things and try to be very friendly.  I don't know if that actually helped or if she just outgrew it, but it did make me feel better at the time :)  Good luck!
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