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Breastfeeding and UTI :(

 I am 6days pp and EBF and have just gotten a uti. I am allergic to penicillin and the Dr had no safe antibiotics to give me while bfing!! So its take the medication and formula feed for a week while pumping and dumping or try to find some natural alternative bc I really am not liking the formula option. I ordered d mannose from amazon so hopefully that works otherwise I dnt know what to do. I also noticed that I have been randomly breaking out with hives either on my thighs, butt or feet. It happens when I'm not eating or doing anything out of the ordinary do I googled it of course and this is pretty common and can also b e from breast feeding as well. Who knew?!?All of this is soo overwhelming. I also just got done watching "I'm having their baby" on Oxygen and it was the episode where the biological mom was on drugs during the pregnancy and the baby was going through withdrawal after birth and they showed her and she was having tremors and I cried my eyes out for about 30 minutes. I agree as well with the whole "where am I" I dnt like this lol.

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Re: Breastfeeding and UTI :(

  • I posted this yesterday and it got lost and then there was comments in it from a completely different post.

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  • I had uti after my first two pregnancies, luckily I did not get one this time. Anyways, I am allergic to penicillin as well and I was breast feeding too, but my Dr still gave something I really wish I could remember what it was. I just wanted to say that there is something you should be able to take without having to stop breast feeding.

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  • I don't have any intuition but I hope LO stays put until September. I'm due the 19th so it def needs more time to cook but also I have so much to prep in August I don't know how I'd handle it! But I am trying to be "ready" by Labor Day just in case. A friend just had 1st two and a half weeks early which freaked me out. There's still so much to do!
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  • I was sure DD was going to come 1-1.5 weeks early and we had to drag her out at 41w5d.  With this one I have a feeling I will have another induction, unless she stays breach and I end up with a scheduled c section.  
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  • I'm thinking Sept. 27th (I'll be 41 weeks).  DH thinks I'm having him the last week of August.  We shall see.
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    On our way to 2u2
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  • For whatever reason, I am predicting 9/14 for our little guy. I'm due on the 11th, but it's just my guy instinct. We'll see if I'm right or if this is just the beginning of me being wrong, lol. :P
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  • I'm due August 29, and I feel like she will either come on the 24th.... Or at 42 weeks. Haha.

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  • My EDD is sept 1 but I think I am going to go late. My mom was a month late with my sister and 10 days late with me.
    I think if I had to pick a specific date it would be 9/9 since my BDay is 12/12 and DHs is 10/10
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  • choischois
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    DS1 was due October 26. I knew without a doubt he'd be born on halloween and he was. I didn't want him to be, so of course that's when he came.

    This LO is due September 28. My birthday is the 30. I'd rather he not have to share my birthday, but with my track record I'm sure that's when he'll be born.

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  • image jesnic89:
    My EDD is September 12, but I feel like I will have her on the 13th. About 2 weeks before I got my BFP, DH had a dream that we had a baby on September 13 and it was so vivid he could not fall back asleep. When we found out that we were expecting so close to his "dream date", we were pretty surprised. So I feel like she will be born on that day :

    so I just wanna point out that Sept 13 is Friday the 13th!!! But anyways everyone thinks I will go in August sometime. My edd is Sept 6. I peronally kinda want her on my bday on Aug 20th

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