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MSPI test and diagnosis?

Hi ladies. A little history: When DS was 2 weeks old, he started having blood on top of his stool, and it only happened after it was on his last poop when he was finished going (sorry...TMI). The doctor switched him from Milk-based formula to soy, then soy to Nutramigen, and then finally Alimentum (since DS liked the taste better). The doctor only gave us five days on the soy before putting DS on Nutramigen/Alimentum. After that, he concluded that DS had MSPI. However, when I made the switch to Alimentum, I noticed that DS had some bad diaper rash that would bleed when wiped which would sometimes get on the poop.

I guess I'm just wondering if there is a better way to test for MSPI? DS was never colicky and did not have any of the other MSPI symptoms aside from the blood on the surface of the poop. I have a feeling that he really doesn't have a food allergy but the pedi seems content with that diagnosis.

While DS has been well on Alimentum, I would like to see if I could eventually get him on milk-based formula if that is possible. At 4 months, should I consider getting a second opinion?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: MSPI test and diagnosis?

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    Still good here. You don't have a fairly recent install anywhere? I know they weren't distributing it anymore, but, I'm not sure when the "end date" is coming. 

    I have the most recent updates they released on my laptop, but I needed it last night when I was using my dad's laptop. No worries, I have mine back today and it's working fine-- was just curious, for those who use it, what they plan to use next. (From the notes in SEU, I wouldn't expect it to work longer than the end of this year.)

  • My SEU was working great on Friday.  Now I just need to figure out some more of it though :/
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  • I've been told by a dealer that we should NOT install the new update. Once you do you need to subscribe. As of 12/31/13 you will need a subscription. There are two subscriptions available. One that gives the full SEU capabilities and one with limited capabilities.

    I'm hoping someone steps in and creates a new option!!

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