VBAC Induction?

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on inducing a vbac. My OB will do it under some circumstances but not in the full sense of the word. For instance, I think if my cervix is looking good she would try it, without the cervadil and other contraindicated methods in the context of a VBAC. I have read about vbac inductions a little bit, but would just love to hear any opinions you all might have about it. Too risky? Not worth the effort since it's less likely to be successful? I just haven't heard much about this topic so I wanted to explore it a little. I am 38 weeks today and had DD via CS at 33.5 weeks due to severe early onset preeclampsia. Thanks!!

Re: VBAC Induction?

  • I was sort of induced de to PROM, at 38 weeks.  It went very well.

    if circumstances were different, I.e, overdue, I would want to be induced vs rcs.  My ob is fine with induction as long as it wasn't from sctratch as he put it. 

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  • I had a successful induction in April. I really wanted to go on my own but I only got 41 weeks that was it. I was barely barely open. Like smidgen and midwife went ahead with pit. 16 hours later my daughter was born via vbac.
  • Had my membranes swept today 39w6d.  Only dilated to 2cm.  Dr. is on vacation until the 7/22 so I have an appt to either get my water broken at 8 a.m. that day or to have a c-section at 12:30.  Depends on the size of baby at ultrasound next week.  Membrane sweep, water breaking, and "maybe" a small amount of pictocin is as far as my doctor would induce for a VBAC.  Last time was a c-section due to breech and high blood pressure at 37w4d.  Good luck!
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  • I was fully induced with Pitocin for my VBAC (they attempted a foley bulb that failed).  The hospital would not permit me to go beyond 41 weeks so my options were induction or RCS.  Since the RCS risks were still greater, I was fine with induction and it worked!  I would have much preferred to go into labor on my own and avoided pit contractions (though I don't think they turned mine up as high as hey would have with a FTM).


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    I was 3cm dilated and 5 days overdue and given the option of RCS or induction. I went with an induction - they put me on Pitocin and after a few hours broke my water. My body really just needs a small bit of Pitocin before it really kicked into gear. They never increased it over an 8 and eventually turned it off.

    However, even with great contractions, my LO never descended past a -3 station so we had to do a R-c/s when he showed signs of distress.

    I don't regret trying at all though - the hospital staff was great at monitoring me and making sure both the baby and I were doing well at all times. I would have regretted it more if I didn't try since now if we have a 3rd I will have no choice but to do a scheduled c/s.




  • I was induced for my attempted VBAC by breaking my water. I never needed pitocin. However after 12hrs of adequate contractions I failed to progress past 6cm. I do not regret trying at all!!

    Edit I was 3 days past my due date and having regular non painful contractions.

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  • Like a pp, I sort of had an induction due to my water breaking first. I was first given the foley bulb, which worked to get me to 4cm. After more time of no dilating, I was given low dose pit. I was able to have my vbac and I was happy with the interventions.
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