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Boring the child to sleep

It seems to be the only way naps will happen these days. I have to rock him, in the same position, in the glider, for about a half an hour, and eventually he'll zonk out. If I'm driving for more than 15 minutes, he'll be out in his carseat. But gone are the days of falling asleep in the ergo, in the swing, or on the floor, it seems. Is there a 5 month wakeful? Wink
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Re: Boring the child to sleep

  • image Teacher Clark:
    I think it's called growing up and life being too cool.

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Remember when all these babies of ours could do was their best kumquat impression?

    BFP #1: 12.30.11, MC 1.6.12 at 5w; BFP #2: 5.25.12, DS born 2.1.13; BFP #3: 9.4.14, MMC 10.13.14 at 9w
  • OMG I am in the same boat. My sister watched him today and she was like um watch out he has two 10 minute naps that is all. NOT COOL. Now that he can roll on to his belly he is ticked off cause he wants to show off his new trick but in no way wants to stay there and god forbid he fall asleep that way. Currently he is in his jumperoo bouncing around like he is on red bull, I am pretty sure he is secretly laughing at me that he is still awake and not planning any sleep anytime soon 

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  • DD literally passed out she was do tired today.  She was refusing to nap AGAIN, had been up for 5 hours straight.  I was rocking her in her RnP and she was mid scream, when she just shut up and froze.  I seriously thought she'd given herself an aneurysm from screaming.  Her little arms even froze straight up in the air.  She took a 3 hour nap!
  • Half the time I try to put my DD down drowsy but awake, she gets so distracted by her own hands and feet as if she is just discovering them again for the first time. Then rocking her sideways against my chest and she will pass out in literally 5 seconds. Kids...
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