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If You Have Granite Counters...

Are they a PITA with kids? What do you use to clean the counters after breakfast, lunch, etc?

I'm used to our laminate counter that we can spray with anything and wipe off. I use the Method spray all the time. We're upgrading a kitchen and DH really wants granite.

Also, granite is so much harder--concerned about dish breakage. Has that been an issue?

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Re: If You Have Granite Counters...

  • I don't think it's a pain.  We just use the Method Granite Spray.  Haven't broken a dish on it either.

    What I do think is a pain with kids is stainless steel appliances.  The finger prints are the worst and it's so hard to clean. 

  • Granite is super easy to maintain.  We use Clorox wipes.  We also use a soapy sponge to clean it and then wipe it with a wet towel.  We have not had any breakages.  We have a 3 year old and a 14 month old.
  • No broken dishes here. I do use the special granite spray (I get it at BB&B - not sure what brand). My only complaint is that it never looks as shiny as I'd like - from certain angles I can always see spots where I wiped. Overall though, it looks nice and I like it!
  • I prefer quartz personally. Check out Cambria, that links right to the comparison of quartz to granite. While granite is really nice, quartz counter tops are nonporous and require no maintenance beyond warm water and soap. If you want a long lasting granite, it's really important to seal it, as it can soak in food and bacteria. So it's much more high maintenance comparatively. Some quartz manufacturers have lower prices than granite, but the higher quality and purer slabs are more expensive. To get an idea, a the typically slab of granite is up to 60% quartz, while actual quartz counter tops range from 80-95%.

    I know it sounds like I am totally pitching you, but I work in for a major wholesale supplier of flooring and counter tops, and we sell both products. When I buy a house, I am most definitely putting quartz in.

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  • Thanks...we may use quartz in some other areas. I like quartz, but I think granite would look better with the style of our kitchen. We'll see!
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  • Never broken a dish and I wipe down with warm soapy water, just as I would on any other counter top. 
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  • I just use Lysol kitchen spray and paper towels. No problems. Haven't had any dishes break from the counter either.
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  • I have granite.  It is sealed, and I reseal it about every 6-12 months.  Super easy, get sealer at Lowes and it wipes on with cloth and you r done.  Then I use clorox wipes to wipe down.  Only complaint is that It sometimes is a little dull looking from using the clorox, so when it gets dull I just use a soft cloth with soap and water.  As far as dish breakage, it's no worse than any other hard surface.  Yeah I have broken a dish from dropping it as I am getting it out of the cabinet but it would have happened onto a laminate counter too, so no biggie.
  • chmanachmana member

    Granite countertops are great with kids. We use the special granite spray from clorox.

    We haven't had any dishes break.

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