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Toys in crib?

I've been reading the "Baby Whisperer for Toddlers" book and one of the advice given in the book is that you should let your toddler play in the crib so that it becomes a fun place.  I've always abide by the rule that crib = sleep.

DS will cry/fuss a little when we put him to bed, which is no big deal.  But lately he has been waking up at 5 a.m. wanting to play and obviously I do not want to get up at that hour.  So I'm contemplating putting a few toys in his crib - maybe he'll play by himself in there?  Has anyone try that? 

Re: Toys in crib?

  • DD is quite independent and plays quietly in her crib. The pro is that when she wakes up, she can entertain herself for hours so mommy and daddy can get a full nights rest. The con, I have no friggin idea when she gets up at night and for how long she's playing in her crib (I have yet to cave and buy a video monitor).

    Don't be surprised if for the first while if LO is tossing the toys out of the crib in the morning (so I'd suggest stuffed animals over hard toys). 

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    I personally don't put toys in the crib because I want DS to associate his crib with sleep. With that being said, DS loves his crib and can hang out in there for an hour before falling asleep and have a great time without any toys.

    You can try putting toys in there and see if it helps but kids change their wake up time constantly and do go through phases of early wake ups. You can't always avoid this and might have to get up with him until this phase passes.

    A PP said that their child plays for "hours" in their crib while they sleep and that just seems crazy to me. Sure the kid might not be crying but if your LO really does want to be up then just get up with him.

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    We just started giving DD a lovie and a book to have in her crib.  A few mornings she woke up a bit earlier than usual and she sat there paging through the book.   It was pretty cute and bought me at least ten minutes to finish getting ready. 

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  • DD has a teddy bear in her crib. It's more for cuddling than playing though. I'm in the crib=sleep camp. Even DS doesn't have toys in his room really, just books and stuffed animals. During the day he can play in there if he wants but at bedtime there's no toys allowed. 
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  • DD will not sleep in her crib without her 4 teddy bears, 2 stuffed elephants, Violet, the glow worm, and her seahorse. She snuggles with all of them but she also plays with them when she wakes up.  
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  • DS will play in the crib for awhile at night and entertain himself in the morning. He has a stuffed animal and some small blankets. At one point when he was sharing a room with me, I'd toss a couple of books in the PnP if he woke up too early, but it didn't really work. He entertains himself without toys really well, but if he wants out, he wants out.

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  • I give DS his small square taggies blanket. He seems to keep it in his hands and plays with it if he wakes up.
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  • I have a few stuffed toys in the crib the he never touches.  He has no interest in being in his crib unless he's sleeping.   We struggled so long with getting him to sleep at all that I am completely fine with him associating his crib with sleep and sleep only.

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