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Would you go to an RE?

My history is long and complicated, but the short of it is this:

My cycles are 90+ days long. I conceived my first two babies on my own, despite my OB saying I would probably need help. My cycles used to be 45 days, then 60 days after my first child was born and now they are 90 days since my period came back after my second.

My husband and I have been trying since December, cycles are between 80-90 days long, but my charts say I have been ovulating.

Re: Would you go to an RE?

  • I would go purely because I'd have no patience with long cycles.

    Both DDs conceived 2nd cycle, 10/08 and 08/10
    TTC #3 since 10/2011 - dx chronic annovulation/weak ovulation
     3 BFN clomid + TI cycles, 5 BFN clomid/gonal f IUIs, 1 mmc IUI
    2/19/2014 IVF #1 Unexpected low E2 -> increased doses = 4 follicles, converting to IUI
    BFFP at 10dpiui! Beta 12dpiui = 130, 14dpiui = 342, 21dpiui = 4695, Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc and baby measuring 7w4d. Done TTC indefinitely. 


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