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More Bump Changes - COMING TONIGHT?

::Le sigh::  This all sounds like a bunch of social networking unnecessary crap that won't go well (given that the last set of changes were less complex and were handled so poorly we lost a bunch of Bumpies).  But per my new BMB, this is happening TONIGHT.  So be warned.  And be warned that technology-averse people (which might only be me, admittedly) have no interest in this "tagging" and "notification" nonsense and won't know what to do with it anyway.  I barely have time to do the things I do on The Bump - I don't want emails and tags and crap to get in the way and clog my inbox. 

Can we just make the mobile  So we can see siggys?  And post reliably from devices?  I think that would be more useful than the proposed changes.

Okay - Rant over.  Here's the post on my BMB about it.  If it all gets botched up, as we know it probably will, it was nice knowing you all...



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Re: More Bump Changes - COMING TONIGHT?

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