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Holy Sunburn..and New Blog Post is Up!

Happy least it isn't Monday!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! We enjoyed our family time together. Hubby and I left LO at home with Grandma on Sunday and went boating and tubing with some friends...and we put sunscreen on...but to my stupidity, I grabbed the wrong one and it was a low SPF. So, hubby and I have been walking around like zombies because we are in SO MUCH PAIN! Oh, and blisters on my shoulders and chest...OUCH! LO wants to snuggle and I feel so bad because I just cant do it. I literally cringe when he wants to wrap his arm around my neck. Poor baby!

Anyone know of any good things for a sunburn? I have heard of vinegar, lavender oil, and yogurt, and of course the typical aloe.


Oh and for those of you who follow my blog. I put up a new post today! I reviewed our convertible car seat! LOVE IT!


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Re: Holy Sunburn..and New Blog Post is Up!

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