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Leaking Diaper and Rolling Over In Crib


Over the last couple weeks Christopher has been rolling over from his back to stomach in his crib. I was initially freaked out but now I've gotten used to it BUT now he's leaking out of his diapers...really bad! He woke up this morning and not only was his diaper super full but it leaked out all over his PJ's! His stomach was wet with urine! Should we go up a size? He just graduated to a size three and at night we put on the Pampers Baby Dry diapers. I just feel awful...I know I wouldn't want to sleep in my pee. Any advice?

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Re: Leaking Diaper and Rolling Over In Crib

  • We had to start using overnight diapers, Leo was having the same problem. It has saved me from washing the sheets every morning!

  • Pampers has overnight diapers that start in size 3. We had the same problem and were using the Pampers dry diapers until she went into size 3. Now she sleeps in the overnight diapers and she does not leak anymore!
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  • We use overnight diapers or one size bigger. DS too just started flipping onto his belly last week. He sleeps better that way....but for the first few nights it came with leaks until we upgraded his nighttime diapers. 

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  • We had this problem almost every night. But I just recently purchased a size up of pampers cruisers and we haven't had a leak.
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  • In general, I noticed DD's pampers baby dry's were leaking even though they were the right size.  I contacted pampers because I was pissed that I wasted $ on them.  There response said the cruisers have better absorbency and sometimes the sizes don't match up with the weight of the baby.  That the baby can outgrow the diaper even if they aren't the max weight.  They are also sending me 20$ in coupons.  Just FYI because I thought the baby dry were good for 12 hours like they claim and they aren't.  
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