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So, I just returned to work and have this on favorites and want to finally announce the birth of our baby girl to you.  Annika was born healthy on April 20 weighing 8 lbs 3 oz.  She's now well over 12 lbs.  Her labor was much longer than my first, but I kept thinking that second babies are supposed to fall out of you or something.  She took her time.  The pushing stage took much less time however.  Just 20 minutes and luckily I had only 2nd degree tears this time (had 4th degree tears with my first). 

Breastfeeding was rough at first.  She latched on easily and was one of those straight to the breast babies I had heard of (my son had struggled with latching at first).  I got terribly bloody nipples that first week and poor Annika was spitting up bright red blood.  It was gruesome. Then the mastitis started.  I was engorged all the time and had to start pumping in the mornings to keep from getting fevers.  I struggled with the fevers, antibiotics, and expressing milk from certain ducts for a month and a half.  Juggling Annika with my toddler son while feverish was awful.  Eventually, though, the mastitis subsided and the pumping was routine.  Boy do we have a stash of extra milk!

So, now maternity leave is over and I'm back at work without my little lady, which is rough, but doable.  It feels good to re-enter my old life too.  Now, onto selling our house and moving to the suburbs for a driveway, backyard, another bedroom, and a shorter commute.

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