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First hospital class tonight and baby kicks

DH and I are going to our first class tonight, Prepared Childbirth. I'm excited!  It's 3 hours starting tonight and for the next 2 Tuesdays. He has a full day today, this morning he is taking his 18 year old to her college orientation!  Nothing like starting over from the beginning :)

In other exciting news, it's taken a while to feel it, but I am pretty sure this kid has been flip flopping around for the last few days.  Because of my anterior placenta I have felt pretty much nothing, but that has changed the last day or two.  It also feels like there is a hand or foot flicking at my cervix.  Very weird! Has anyone else felt that?


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Re: First hospital class tonight and baby kicks

  • Yay!! I've been hoping you would feel movement soon! I do feel like she is kicking or poking my cervix sometimes and occasionally I get what everyone likes to refer to as "lightning crotch." Also she likes to hang out really low and she quite often puts this pressure on my bum making me feel like I have to go to the bathroom. Not pleasant but I guess it's a fair trade off for the cool flips and kicks I get to feel. So glad you are finally able to experience this!
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  • Hooray for baby kicks!   DD spent a ton of time kicking my cervix.  I used to joke that it felt like she was trying to kick her way out of there!   Have fun in class tonight.

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  • lurking

    Hi Irish!!! I'm so happy for you! How
    far along are you now? I'm mobile so I can't peak at your info.
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  • Yay for kicks and first hospital class!!  I'm hoping that I will feel some soon, so far only flutters.
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  • Calibride I'm 22 weeks today! OMG!

    Happywife, I haven't felt full on kicks yet but there is definitely movement in there, a little more than flutters. You'll feel it soon I'm sure :)
    TTC since 3/2010. Me 41, DH-49. After 3 years, 6 IUIs and several IVFs we have finally have our beautiful baby girl, born on 11/7/13.

  • Just peeking back in to the board and it made me smile to see this post. :) Sending best wishes for an excellent delivery!
  • *lurker* YAY!! I am so glad you are feeling the lo!! How was class?

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