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Amnio results!! FINALLY!!!!!111ELEVEN!!



I think you all know what that means...


THE AMNIO CAME BACK NORMAL!!!!  Baby boy has no chromosomal abnormalities!!!  FLUCK YES!!!!

I have been waiting a LONG TIME to have this moment.  This all started two months ago at 11 weeks and the first tri screening....  UNREAL I had to wait so long for answers, but so thankful he is okay!  Now I will just be monitored closely for any signs of preeclampsia or IUGR, but otherwise, I CAN FINALLY FEEL EXCITED!  (I haven't even looked in to registry/nursery stuff yet.)


Thank you to everyone for always checking in on me and sending me tons and tons of T&P's.  I can never repay your kindness, but I will try!


Now, I want to see plenty of party/rage/dance/crazy gif's in this post ladies!  IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!


Baby #2 due 8/17/15

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After two difficult losses we finally met our rainbow, Jack, on 11/7/13.

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Re: Amnio results!! FINALLY!!!!!111ELEVEN!!

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