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Generic formula?

Has anyone tried multiple generics? We tried target soy and I loved the price but dd had a lot of painful gas abd then flat out refused, even when we tried to slowly mix it :

She does great on gerber but at the moment she's on similac bc my uncle recently retired from working for them and gave us all his soy samples. When we run out I really want to try a generic again but idk how much different it'd be from target brand. Thoughts?

Re: Generic formula?

  • Its really hard on their tummy to keep switching brands. I have heard target formula is harder to mix. Target has great sales on similac and you can get coupons on ebay and checks in the mail. I would trade if you get other checks and try to stay on the same formula if you can.
  • SAMs sells similac and you can use similac coupons there.
  • Just to clarify, if we stay with a name brand it will be gerber. She has no problem going between the two name brands, my question is in reference to the difference between various generics, if any.

    Thanks anyway though.

  • You can check on the label to see who makes the generic.  Target's generic is made by PBM in Vermont, and they supply generics for a lot of store brands. I bet that the generics from each manufacturer are pretty similar, if not identical.
  • We switched from Target's generic of Enfamil Gentlease to Sam's Club's version of it (Simply Right Gentle) and have had absolutely no problems! We switched because it was a few dollars cheaper at Sam's for a bit more formula.  Good luck!
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