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Something to keep in mind... Advice from a random mother

I was flying back home from AZ last night, and DS was not handling it well. He was screaming for almost 30 minutes straight and there really was nothing I could do to calm him after we took off. He did eventually fall asleep and had some less fussy moments, but it definitely wasn't the best flight we had.  

At the end of the flight, the mother of two girls behind me said something profound that any mother should remember: "you may remember this flight for the rest if your life, but no one else here will"

what a wonderful thing to say. Probably the first unsolicited advice I will ever appreciate. And I wanted to pass it on to any mamas travelling with their LOs. 

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Re: Something to keep in mind... Advice from a random mother

  • This is great!  So far the best thing I've heard about traveling with your LO was "we've all been on a flight with a crying baby, now it's your turn to be the lady WITH the crying baby".  The advice you got is better.

  • Great comments! We've gotten some sympathetic looks with DD1 when we were flying transatlantic, but no one has ever said anything. Well, except the guy stuck on the window seat with DH, DD1, and I in the middle and aisle :-) I apologized in advance and he said not to worry about it, he had young grandkids and knew what it was like.

    I'm still waiting for someone to make a snide comment, though. I have a good comeback all saved up. I'm going to tell them that we didn't want to inconvenience other travelers with babies crying, but all the rowboats over the Atlantic were booked solid until next summer ;-)

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  • Oh that's so nice!!  I'm so glad it made you feel a little better :)

    One day when Jack was about 18 months old, he MELTED DOWN in Trader Joe's.  I mean, nuclear.  He had never done that in public before and hasn't done it since.  But I kept my cool and I handled it.  A little old lady walked up to me, patted my shoulder and said, "You're doing a great job."  I could have cried, it made me so happy.  She completely turned that experience around for me, because I got some positive feedback for keeping my cool and managing my toddler when all I really wanted to do was leave him and the cart full of groceries and run to the nearest Starbucks.   

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  • That is really sweet! We had a pretty rough flight a few weeks ago, and a really nice middle-aged couple just told us that we were doing a great job. So great to hear things like that!
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    Baby and I are going on our first flight (by ourselves no less) in October. I'm pretty nervous about how he will handle it and this made me feel a lot better about it!
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  • That is so sweet! I've been trying to share my positivity with friends who are now pregnant. I felt like my hubby and I got so much unsolicited advice about never again getting sleep, missing out on fun times with our friends, etc. and so far none of it has been true. We have an angel for a baby and have enjoyed every minute. We love our early morning Saturdays where we take turns getting up and bringing the baby into bed to wake the other one up. We have had help from our families when we want to make an especially fun night out with friends. I know that we have a really easy going baby and are very blessed but I wish people had been more positive when I was pregnant. 
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