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Mirena anyone!?

Has or is anyone using Mirena as birth control? How do you like it? I'm a fan of not having to remember! Was it painful to insert?
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Re: Mirena anyone!?

  • I'd like to know too! I'm thinking of going this route too depending on insurance coverage.

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  • I had one between kids and loved it. Insertion wasn't bad at all! I took 4 ibuprofen beforehand and felt almost nothing! My husband never felt it and I didn't get pregnant. Got it out and was told after my first period off of it we could try again. Got pregnant again very easily! I'd get it again but my hubby is getting a vasectomy!
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  • I'm curious to see answers too! I have an appt next Monday to get mine inserted. My doctor highly recommended it and I liked the idea of not remembering a pill. Also, I get horrific cramps and she said this will help because you have light to no periods at all. That got me excited! Lol

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  • I got it right after DD2, and hated it. I also was lucky enough to experience the laundry list of side effects that you read about. But, honestly... so has everyone else I know that has had it. Once the pelvic pain set in, I looked it up and realized my other issues were because of the Mirena as well. Went to have it removed and discovered it had moved. Not good. Happened to someone I know, and she ended up pregnant. I've heard on here a lot of people liked it, but nobody I know IRL has anything good to say about it.

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    I had Mirena for over 3 years and it was great.  Insertion sucked - it was really painful and I actually had to take meds to soften and open my cervix.  Aside from that, I didn't have any problems while on it.  My periods all but disappeared, DH never felt the strings and I didn't get pregnant while on it, so I'd count that as a success!  After having it removed, it took me two months to have a period and I got pregnant right after that.
  • I had it for nine years. It was inserted twice because it last 5 years. I did enjoy it because of the just insert and you are done. It hurt a bit getting it in and I did bleed for about two weeks. I never had a period after that though on 9 years!!! I did out on over 15 lbs and it gave me migraines. But the pros out weighed the cons for me.
  • I had it and while I liked it once it was in, it was VERY painful for me to have inserted.  I know not everyone experiences pain like that so I'm not trying to scare you out of having it done but what I am trying to do is strongly suggest you don't bring your baby with you to the appointment.  I had DS1 with me for mine and the nurses and office staff had to take him and care for him while I recovered from the appointment enough to drive home.  Once I was home I cramped a little but nothing that some Motrin couldn't cure.
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  • Just got mine put in super easy and I love it. I had one after baby number one as well.
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  • I had one for 5 years. I didn't get a period, but at times ovulation was uncomfortable for me. I decided I didn't want another one since I was unsure about a "foreign body" inside me. Well....5 years after removal, I got pregnant! My husband is going in for a vasectomy...its his turn to do something! I must add, after my MirenarMirenaremoval, my periods were 25 days apart, 3 days long and very light!
  • Another Mirena question that I'm too lazy to google... I know it lasts 5 years, but what if you want your kids closer together, like 2 years or so? Is it ok to take it out that "soon"?
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    Another Mirena question that I'm too lazy to google... I know it lasts 5 years, but what if you want your kids closer together, like 2 years or so? Is it ok to take it out that "soon"?

    Yes, it can be taken out anytime. I will only have it for about a year and a half or so. I'm getting it on Thursday.
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  • I had mine for about two years after my first.  Around that time sex became painful and I started to have horrible back pain.  I read that it could be a side effect of the mirena so I went to have it removed and after a horrible appointment they finally sent me to ultrasound to locate it.  It had perforated my uterus and was under my left ovary.  I had to pay 1300 dollars to have it removed.  I have heard this is very rare but my sister had the same issue with hers.  I personally would not recommend it to anyone.
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  • After DS1 I went back on birth control pills. After 6 months or so I decided to get mirena because I kept forgetting to take my pill. Insertion at that time was pretty uncomfortable but not too bad...just some cramping on and off for a few hours after with some bleeding. I only had a short period every few months. I never noticed any side effects. I really enjoyed it. I had it taken out a year and a half later and got pregnant with DS2 two months after that. I just had my 4 week post partum appt last week and had mirena inserted again. I had some cramping while it was inserted and then cramping on and off for a few hours. It was uncomfortable but doable. I also had some bleeding for three days but it wasn't too heavy.
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