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Anyone else newly pregnant a weight lifter?

Hi there,

I am pregnant with #3. I am also a power lifter and curious how much I need to cut back while pregnant. I don't see my new doc until the 17th. My previous doc just said to don't do anything new, which I feel is a little vague! I am reading and researching as much as possible, just curious if there is any one else out there in the same boat!

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Re: Anyone else newly pregnant a weight lifter?

  • I'm not a weight lifter. . . but I would think as long as you don't increase the weight or do new lifts that your body isn't used to you should be fine.  However, I have no medical expertise to back this up.  I just know my doctor says to exercise.
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  • Im not a power lifter but I do lift on a regular basis (3 times a week normally) and I was told that I could continue to work out as normal through the pregnancy. Im not sure how that translates into lifting thou. I just figured I would continue it to maintain and then ask the Dr at my first apt which isnt until the 6th of Aug. I fully intent to continue working out as long as I can!
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    I haven't read this yet, but bookmarked it as a worthwhile series to check out (I'm a fan of the New Rules of Lifting books): ;

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