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I moved to north Phx (Happy Valley/Norterra area) from another state. I am in need of an OB/GYN as I recently got a positive at home test. I'm about 6 weeks with my second child, so I'm still very early but I'll need an appt soon. Any recommendations for a Dr? I loved my doc back home so I hate starting this process over again! Also I live by John C Lincoln & Banner Thunderbird but have no experience with either. Any input is appreciated! 

Re: Best Dr/Hospital in N. Phx

  • I live on Happy Valley and I'm going to arrowhead hospital. My OB is there his names is Dr. Folkstead and he's been great! Im due in August and have loved the care I've received at my visits. I go twice a week now and am always excited to go to the doctor lol. That's gotta mean something is being done right;)
  • I have been using Dr.DeSanto with Camelback Women's Health for years!  He delivered both of my babies, and will definitely be delivering my third!  All of the physicians are great.  They have an office off of Tatum and Shea, and deliver at Good Sam or Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. 
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    I delivered at Scottsdale Shea which is located at 101 and Shea. It was a great experience from beginning to end. They have excellent prenatal support as well as postpartum support, including mom's groups. My doctor's office is Arizona Women's Care; my doc is Ann Langer. She is great.
  • I'm using the midwives at St. Joseph's hospital.  Well worth the commute to the downtown.
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  • I go to Desert West OB and everyone there is super nice and friendly! I will actually be delivering at Thunderbird Hospital and have known many women who delivered there and loved it.
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  • I live in north phx also. North of Happy. Valley in the Fireside Community. I go to Dr. DeSalvo at Desert West. I used to work at Thubderbird and delivering there. Highly recommend dr and hospital.
  • I live in the same area and I had someone refer me to Dr. Bass at Arrowhead Women's Health on 67th Ave north of Union Hills.  He is great!  Very friendly and nice and I always feel like I am his only patient, top priority!  I recommend him to all my friends. 
  • I see Dr. Erickson at Arrowhead Women's Center and I love him! I am delivering at Thunderbird and have no complaints.

    FYI I work at John C Lincoln and they do not have LD and they will transfer you out of emergency room if you come in after 14 weeks!
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  • I live in North Phoenix also close to you actually but on the west side of i-17. With my first son I went to Dr. Folkestad at Arrowhead Hospital, however he wasnt encouraging about birth classes or natural things. He recommended an epidural and said birth classes were a waste of time and also encouraged me to be induced. With it being my first son and not educated about birth and labor I just did as he said.. He's the DR. Also his dr. office is always super busy and over booked. He was constantly late for every single appt or I was having to see one of the other OB's in the office because he was called into an emergency c-section or labor. Literally every appt was 2-3 hours which was mostly the wait and only about 15 minutes actually talking to him... 


    This time I went a different route and after watching The Business of Being Born on netflix, it made me want a a completely different labor and birth experience that I felt cheated out of with my first born. I did some research and found this place called Blossom Birth and Wellness Center. Its about a 30 minute drive south from where we are located but I love my Dr and midwives! :) Each appt is 30-60 minutes long, they take time to really talk to you and get to know you and help educate you. They are also kid friendly, so I am able to take my first born to each appt and let him play with the toys... There is also NEVER a wait!!! They only take on 10 births a month, so that they can continue their excellent service for each client they have! I love them all! Nichelle is actually an MD who started this place, but she practices like a midwife and there are two other midwives there too, Mary and Diane. They are all so sweet and wonderful and a little bit hippyish. :) The phone number to their birth center is 602-256-7766. They accept all kinds of insurance, or if you dont have any, they can work with you on a cash payment plan. :) Their birthing suites are amazing too and so relaxing! You're able to eat, drink, get in the jacuzzi tub, shower, use birth balls, birth stools, go on a walk etc.. You're not stuck to a bed and only allowed to have ice chips... Afterall, you need energy to labor and birth your child! :)

    I took Bradley classes also, as Im going natural and my husband is my labor partner. :) I am very excited and we learned so much in the class, how our bodies work and positions to use to relax and help you dilate etc etc... Im so happy with how ive done it so far this time. My birth class teacher is ROZ and her number is 623-451-3266. She was awesome!

     I am due in 11 days and i couldnt be happier with how I have choosen to go about this labor and birth! :) Hope this helps and CONGRATS on your positive test. Welcome to Phoenix!



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  • I live in fireside as well, and I went to desert west obgyn. I used Dr. Oehler, but Dr. Tom actually performed my emergency cesarean (twins). Both ladies were AWESOME and super friensly/comforting. Really, all of the doctors, nurses & staff that I encountered at that office were great. I went to their location at 75th & Deer Valley & delivered at Thunderbird Hospital, which I was also thoroughly impressed with! Good Luck! =)


  • I like my OB/GYN right next to the Banner Thunderbird Hospital. The name of the office is Thunderbird OB/GYN. I use Dr. Charles, and she is excellent. Also Banner Thunderbird has rave reviews for their L&D process and facilities. I'm a FTM, so I can't say from experience as to how it is, but I know of a few family members who delivered there and loved it.
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  • I second Camelback Women's Health and Dr DeSanto. He is an amazing doctor and I will go back to him for our second. I saw a couple obs in the area when we were going through some fertility issues and he is, bar none, the most caring and responsive doctor I have ever been to.
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