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Which Britax Convertible Carseat do you Recc?

I am looking into the Britax Marathon but heard its a little hard to install. Anyone have experience with this one or can recc another one?
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Re: Which Britax Convertible Carseat do you Recc?

  • We had a Marathon for my oldest (what would now be the Marathon Classic sold at Target) and found it very easy to install.  That said, I would steer clear of the new Britax models because they have shorter shells than the older models so if your child is at all tall, they will likely outgrow it rear facing earlier than it is recommended to forward face (usually before age 2). 


    I would look at:

    Graco Size4Me/MySize70/Headwise (all the same seat with different names depending on which store carries it) - one of the highest shells on the market (I believe the Foonf is taller but significantly more expensive)


    Chicco NextFit - incredibly easy install and very high shell


    Diono Radian - very heavy and a bit pricier than most seats but will accommodate a child rear facing for quite awhile.  Can be difficult to install. 

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  • We have the Britax Advocate and the Britax Pavilion. The Advocate is awesome but it is a total beast.  We keep it in my car and rarely ever move it around.  The Pavilion is the one that we have in my husband's car and we uninstall / reinstall a lot. It is really easy to install and we love both seats.  

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  • We have the Boulevard and it was easy to install and to use.  DD is 10th% so I'm not worried about her outgrowing it any time soon.
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  • We have the Boulevard 70 and we do already have to turn him around due to height. We made it past age 2 but he's still totally comfortable RF (38" but mostly torso) so it's unfortunate.
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  • We have the Marathon 70-G 3 and my H was able to install it fairly easily in our subaru forester. We don't have LATCH system so we have it installed with a rear seat belt and it fits well and is safe.  I find it easy to put DD in and out and make adjustments. 

    ETA: Our daughter will make it to 2 and hopefully longer RF.  In hindsight I would pick something that allowed more height for RF as I only looked at weight.  I still love the seat  

  • We love our Britax Boulevard. We got a good deal on Amazon. Installation was a b*tch, but I had the H do it. :-)
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  • We have the roundabout and I love it.  It's easy to install and get DD in and out of.  She's little though, only 21lbs and 31 inches.
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  • We don't have a car (we live in NYC) and we have the Britax Marathon 70 G which we use in rental cars (like once a week average)

    We're not used to installing car seats, but I have to say, this seat is really easy to install.It is a beast, though.But it seems comfy.

  • Britax convertibles are too low in the shell for my taste. Some have 40 pound RF limits but most kids outgrow by height long before weight in this seat, which is the case for a lot of convertibles but more of a problem for Britax IMO.

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  • We have the Marathon and it's a very easy install. I've moved it around several times. 
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