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foods you now like

Thanks to pregnancy.

What do you like that you didn't used to?

I now love kale, which I just ate a huge bunch of. And I like onions and tomatoes, thanks to my ridiculous burger craving with my dd.
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Re: foods you now like

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    Pancakes! Wasnt a big fan prepregnancy and would never order them out. Now I crave them and have been to IHOP more times in the past year than my whole life previously combined. I also crave strawberry and raspberry jelly. Which I always liked but now have a love for.
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  • God question! I love salad and lunch sandwiches now. I couldn't eat veggies while I was pregnant because it made my heartburn worse. My entire life I've hated sandwiches.

    On the flip side there are things that I loved before I was pregnant that I can 't eat now. Meat tastes weird to me now and pineapple reminds me of having morning sickness.
  • Almond Joys! Weird, I know!


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  • Chicken.

    I was pescatarian from the age of 8 on before pregnancy and vegan for two years within that time. Now I can't imagine going back. I've always loved turkey but I didn't eat it and was ashamed of how good I remembered it to be. Not anymore!

    I also like catfish that isn't fried now, but I don't really eat fish like I used to.

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  • I would crave dark pop sooo much like an ice cold coke or Pepsi. I almost never drank pop before I was preggo and now i could honestly have one everyday if I allowed myself. Its so bad that I got my husband hooked on it too and now he is a Pepsi addict, drinks it all the time! I hate having pop in the house - I try to limit the "bad" stuff we have here bc I have no willpower. If its here (any kind of junk, really) I WILL eat it. 

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  • Tomatos. I always hated them before, but now I'm a fan. It seems there were other things, but I can't remember now :X 

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  • kitevkitev
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    I've never been into breakfast foods but I'm loving waffles since I was pregnant. With real maple syrup. Yummo.
    I think there's more foods that I don't like though, rather than do. Like dr pepper. I had to ration that stuff out when pregnant otherwise I would drink it like water. I bought one the other day and it tasted like thick, sugary cough syrup.
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  • I was just thinking about this! I love blue cheese and I used to hate it! I just had a blue cheese burger for dinner and it was amazing. 
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  • When I make a Greek salad, I now love to add quinoa or rice on top. I am also obsessed with our homemade Greek dressing. Soooo yummy! 
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  • Potato chips. I could take them or leave them pre-pregnancy, but really got a hankering for them while pregnant. Now I get a bag for the house as part of the weekly grocery trip. Of course, it couldn't be something like almonds or salad, lol.
  • With my first I started eating bananas and steak (obviously not together) during pregnancy and continued to love them both after.  I couldn't stand either before being pregnant.

    With my second I craved iced coffee.  Couldn't stand it before and love it now.

    I can't think of anything weird with the third but I'm sure there is something.

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