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No symptoms?

I had an early one month miscarriage last month. I felt every pregnancy symptom. I just found out I am pregnant a month later. I guess that saying being more "fertile" after a miscarriage is true. I am currently 4 weeks, I just feel a little tired. Other than that I feel no symptoms. Is this normal?

Re: No symptoms?

  • I"m almost 5 weeks with no symptoms at all. So I think it's normal
  • It's still very early. I had a miscarriage the month before this pregnancy as well and had no symptoms at all. This time At five weeks my boobs got really sore and I have some bloating. I feel like I have no symptoms because the two big ones, nausea and exhaustion haven't hit yet. So basically there's still time but I understand wanting symptoms as confirmation!


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  • Don't worry, you've got time.

    I had 0 symptoms with this pregnancy until Sunday. I feel like death. Deathly Black Death with death cakes for desert. Blaaahhhhhh.


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  • j22012j22012
    I am also 4 weeks and have not had many symptoms. I was almost more tired last week than I am this week. My cramps also seemed a little bit more "there" than they do this week too. From what I understand, most symptoms will start around 6 weeks or so, but every pregnancy is different! Good luck to you :)
  • I had an early miscarriage in January and am with you on wishing there were more symptoms to help confirm in our mind that we are indeed pregnant and things are progressing. Mine is mainly just exhaustion, some moodiness, occasional heartburn, and boob tenderness from time to time. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow so we will see what the next week or two bring. 
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  • I had no symptoms first tri with my first.  This time around I'm "lucky" enough to have some.  Boo.    I haven't experienced a loss, so I can't imagine how nerve racking it may be not to have "proof", but just know it doesn't mean anything is wrong if the fabled symptoms never show. 
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  • Mine didnt start until the end of the 6th week. Some women barely have any throughout. All are different.

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