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It is Autism...

Not really surprised but I am glad to finally have an explanation and hopefully a diagnosis that will help us get the services/supports Joshua needs (he is 3y7m).  They did the ADOS2 and one other assessment.

The Developmental Ped. is also recommending genetic testing due to my 3.5 month old's diagnosis (48 XXXY Syndrome) but we already have an appointment (in September!).

She said if Asperger's were still a diagnosis that that would be his diagnosis but because it is not it is Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She said that while testing shows him to be cognitively delayed she does not believe he is and that he is in fact likely very bright.  It helped hearing that.  Communication and social skills are the two most impacted areas.

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Re: It is Autism...

  • Getting the dx will help you advocate with the school district. Are you already in the system with the district? If not, you'll want to request a "multifactored eval in all areas of suspected disability. You may want to consider sharing any report you get from the dev pedi especially if the dev pedi includes an opinion of typical cognitive development and the school or EI have pegged him as lower functioning on the result of a single IQ assessment. 

    Since many kids with Aspergers-type presentations of ASD are largely mainstreamed, if he's bright he'll have the chance to prove it in the classroom. 

    Feeling a sense of relief is a pretty common first reaction. You may feel differently as you live with the official dx for a while- and that's OK. 

  • Sounds like you have a good plan in place.
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