Aw: EBF One Year and Counting!

My little boy turned One last week and he's been EBF since we brought him home from the hospital after he was born. I was lucky that BFing was, for the most part, easy for us. He had a good latch from the start. I had some oversupply issues that were frustrating for the first few months, but it has been awesome since then.

I am a full-time working mom, however, so I have diligently pumped three times per day during the week. I do a little travel for work so have had to pump on planes, trains, cars, and many of bathrooms over the last year. That aspect hasn't been easy but I did everything possible to bring home the milk every day. And it has paid off.

I plan to continue BFing when I'm with him but step down pumping during work. I do look forward to that!

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Re: Aw: EBF One Year and Counting!

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