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I have been having lots of back pain. I sleep with a snoogle at night, I wear a support belt, I tried resting, I tried exercise, but nothing made me feel better.

I finally caved and made a chiropractor appointment this morning. It was wonderful! I feel so much better! She specializes in caring for mommies to be and I am glad that I can use her to manage my back pain now as well as to make sure I am aligned properly for delivery.

So, if you are suffering like I was, make an appointment!
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Re: Chiropractor

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    Good idea!! I have been really bad about getting into the Chiropractor this pregnancy but I really need to be better for the next 12 weeks. It helped so much when I was pregnant with DD!
  • I second this, I go once a month, and I have been much more comfortable this pregnancy, and have had hardly any swelling (Whether this is down to the chiro I don't know LOL).

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  • Thanks! Your post reminded me to make an appointment. I normally get pelvic/groin pain (SPD) but haven't this time, so I haven't really needed to go in yet. At this point though, 31w, I want to go every couple of weeks for good pelvic alignment.

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  • I've gone nearly my entire pregnancy.  In the beginning, I'd say the first 6 months of pregnancy, I was in excrutiating pain from my lower back.  It miraculously went away a little over a month ago.  He told me stretches and exercises to do and  once I actually started doing them I got relief.  I now only have to see him every 2.5 weeks.
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    Glad it helped you! I was having really bad lower back/hip pain and finally went to see a chiro. I started a month and a bit ago and, though not gone completely yet, the pain has been so much better!
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