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Really belated birth story! (PIP)

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to writing my birth story! I wish I would have gotten around to it earlier, but here I am now.

TL;DR version: I was induced on June 13th and after 12 hours of labor and 1.5 hours of pushing Connor Alan was born with a vacuum assist.  (Pic at the bottom.)

Long version:

I was due June 11th, but had been dilated for over a month, progressing 1 cm a week. At my appointment Friday June 7th I was 4 cm and having regular, but not painful contractions. My doctor sent me to triage for monitoring just in case. After 2 hours of monitoring nothing changed, so I went home. Also at my appointment my doctor offered to set up induction for Thursday June 13th. She would be on call that day, so I was almost guaranteed to have her for delivery. I really didn't want to be induced, but after a lot of thought we decided if baby didn't come before then we would be induced at 8 am on the 13th.

Well, LO never arrived so we were at the hospital on the 13th. I was still only 4 cm, but about 80% thinned out now. Pitocin was started around 9:30. I had wanted to avoid an epidural, but knew that Pitocin made contractions a lot harder and stronger. I made it up until 4:30 without the epidural, but I was making very little progress and they kept cranking the Pit higher and higher. I got the epidural around 5:30 and my doctor came to check me almost immediately after it was placed and I was dilated to 9 cm and completely thinned out. She had to go check on another patient, but said she would be back soon. The other patient ended up needing to deliver, so she didn't come back for a while. Then around 7:50 I started feeling the need to push. The nurse let me do some practice pushed while they found the doctor. She came in a few minutes after 8:00 and I started pushing for realz.

We immediately knew something was up. The nurse rushed out of the room and a few more nurses and a different doctor came in. I was too busy pushing to really ask what was going on right away. We were then told that baby was sunny side up and at an awkward angle in my pelvis. He had been hanging out on the right side all day. It was the only place I felt contractions. So apparently his head was pointed toward my left leg. Like he wasn't coming straight out. The doctor tried to manual flip him, but as soon as I started pushing he would go back to his original position. After a long while of pushing she decided to try the forceps. They wouldn't work because of his angle. Then she tried the vacuum. That wouldn't work at first. It popped off his little head twice and scared the *** out of me. I literally thought his head popped off or something. Finally she had to give me an episiotmy to get in there at a better angle.

Thank god I got that epidural. I cringe to think what that all would have been like without it.

Finally at 9:27 our little man, Connor Alan, was born. He weigh 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20.5 inches long. We were able to breastfeed right away and he was a champ! We finally got to come home on Father's Day after battling some jaundice. 


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BFP #1: 6.26.12 EDD: 2.11.13 missed m/c: 7.31.12 @ 12 weeks
BFP #2: 10.1.12 EDD: 6.11.13 Born 6.13.13
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