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IMMS Monday

Share your stories Ladies :)

 My LO is starting to clap and wave goodbye more and more :)  It's the sweetest thing to watch!

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Re: IMMS Monday

  • When he dances to random music. He twerks!  

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    image thatoneredhead:

    When he dances to random music. He twerks!  

    I say that DD will drop it like it's hot. She stands up and down when she dances and then sways side to side.

     Mine:  DD is doing so much new stuff. She's repeating all kinds of words, finally waving, will give her dad kisses when he asks (she still ignores me), and as of last night was wanting him to read books to her. 


  • Just watching him makes me smile!

    hes starting to sign for "all done" and I love his sweet open mouthed kisses lol

    he also picks up his toys, hugs them close and rocks them back and forth while saying "awww"  he's so darn sweet!!


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  • DD is pointing at everything! She woke up from her nap and was pointing at stuff immediately. She also says "want" while pointing.
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  • SigirSigir
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    So cute to read all of these! I am
    Late, but mine is that dd loves to chase bunnies in our yard. They are all v fat and slow. So after dinner when i say "
    Ok ready to go chase bunnies?' she gets her shoes and goes to the door,and then does this little excited shuffle where she does these little moves like squats and makes and excited noise. Then we go outside and chase bunnies and she yells! I call it her war cry.

    I can't wait to get home after work to go chase bunnies!
  • aw! Love all of those. DS also is big into open mouth kisses now. I love that he actually tries to kiss us!

    The funniest thing he is doing lately is laying in the middle of the floor. He has always been hyper active, all over the place, and lately, in the middle of playing, he will lay on the floor, all spread out and rest for about 10-15 seconds then he jumps up and continues. It is so cute/funny! 

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