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How many LO's are in their crib?

I've been gone since I had my little girl over 3 months ago! I can't believe how busy those girls keep me and how fast the time is going!!!

I was wondering how many of your supermoms out there already have your LO sleeping in their crib at night?

My DD is still sleeping in her rock n play next to my bed at night. I'm dreading the transition to getting her to sleep on her back in her crib but I think we're both really craving a set routine of her sleeping in her own quiet room.

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Re: How many LO's are in their crib?

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  • My DD is 12 weeks and has been in her crib for 3 nights.  So far, so good...she sleeps better in there than she did in the basinette.  I felt like the sooner i moved her the better since the older she gets she would become more aware of her surroundings.  It's almost like she doesnt even realize anything has changed.  We are all sleeping better...though she looks so tiny in her crib.  Good luck to you!
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  • Crib for us! (Well, PnP in our room, but he is mostly STTN... we are crammed in a 1 bedroom apt for now, otherwise he would probably be in his own room)
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  • We waited until our girls were only waking once in the MOTN and then transitioned them. That was at 12 weeks and the first night we transitioned them they STTN and have ever since. They're 4 months old.
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  • DS has been in his crib full time for close to a month now, when he started STTN.
  • We started napping him in his crib at 6 weeks and said we'd put him in at night when he was only waking once. He started that at 8 weeks and went into the transition pretty seamlessly. He's 12 weeks now and almost always gives us 7 or 8 straight hours at night.

  • We put DD in her room the day we came home. We did the same with DS and it worked for us. Neither of us could sleep well with them in the same room and we're all happier with good sleep. 
  • Westley is 12 weeks and has been in his crib since 5 weeks with no problem :)
  • We put dd in her crib around 7 weeks she is 10 weeks now. She naps in her pnp.

  • DS has slept in his crib since we got home. Same with DD. We find it easier to put them to sleep where they will eventually sleep so there is no awful transition and it has worked great for us. Both have slept through the night after 2 weeks.

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  • Mine has been since 6 weeks because I wanted us all to get used to it before I went back to work at 8 weeks. DS is now 10 weeks.  It has worked out well.
  • Our girl naps in her crib occasionally and does pretty well with it most of the time. She's outgrown her bassinet now so I was planning on moving her into her pack & play for nights since her room is on a different floor than our room, but last night she was moving around her waking herself up since the material can be a little noisy even with a sheet over it. Now I'm debating just transitioning her to her crib upstairs. I know they say to keep them in your room until 6 months to prevent SIDS, but we have a video monitor to keep an eye on her with a pretty sensitive audio feature. What would you all recommend? 



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  • He's been in there from about 7-8 weeks.  No issues.  He slept just fine there from the very first night. 
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  • LO has been in her crib for a week. She is too long for her bassinet. I'm still having a hard time adjusting.
    If she wakes at 2 or 3 then back in the crib but if it around 5 her normal then I bring her in the rnp next to me. It's more for me than her.
  • DD has always slept in her crib at night, but she sleeps in her swing for naps. We were OOT this weekend without a swing, and she didn't really nap. I need to start putting her in her crib for naps so she can nap when we're not home.
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  • We've still got Ethan in the bassinet by the bed.  He's quickly getting too big for it though.  We aren't going to start the transition to crib until he's STTN.  Everything crossed that happens soon!

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  • Mine sleeps in the crib and its attached as a cosleeper to the bed.
  • Lol. My DD doesn't even have a crib yet. I still have to kick her 2 1/2 year old brother out of his for her. Ahh the winds of change are blowing and I'll admit I'm scared!
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  • My DS1 and now my DS2 started in the crib in their own room from the first night. Mainly because I was too cheap to buy a bassinet, and we never bought a swing or pack 'n play since we didn't want them to take up more space. Plus the nursery is right outside our bedroom. My DS1 was not a great sleeper, and rarely STTN. DS2 has STTN since 2 weeks old ans I feel extremely fortunate. 

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  • DD started at 3 months.  Before that she was in a RNP, then her PNP in our room.  We all sleep better now that she is in her crib in her own room.  The first couple nights were rough (for me!) but she slept just fine.  She has been STTN since she was around 8 weeks.
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    DD has always slept in her crib at night, but she sleeps in her swing for naps. We were OOT this weekend without a swing, and she didn't really nap. I need to start putting her in her crib for naps so she can nap when we're not home.

    THIS!! I'm currently trying to break DS of his nap swing addiction and its rough...

  • T has been in his crib since 1 month. At 3 weeks he stopped liking the bassinet and became a really noisy sleeper. It worked out best for everyone. Good luck!

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  • My LO has been in her crib for about a month and a half. She started sleeping thru the night at 6 weeks but I kept her in our room for a week because I thought it was a fluke. :)  She sleeps much better by herself then she ever did with us.



  • We put DS in his crib when we got home from the hospital.  It was so hard for me (literally stared at the video monitor for days) but this was a piece of advice that many people gave me including my sister.  He is now 11 weeks and sleeps through the night.  He also takes his naps in there too.  He loves his crib and goes down right away.  I'm glad the routine has worked since he will be going to daycare come September.   My sister started with naps in the crib then moved to sleeping at night.

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    The twins sleep in their cribs but still nap in their swing/bouncey seat.
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  • nahwnahw
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    We started transitioning our LO to the crib around 6-7 weeks. He was sleeping in our room in his swing (it would run all night). For the first couple of weeks every few days he would wake up crying and not go back to sleep in his crib, so we'd put him back in the swing, but after awhile he stayed sleeping in the crib and we never looked back! Now I just have to get him to nap in his crib...

  • My rule was once he was either STTN or too big for the bassinet, I would move him to his crib. DH couldn't wait while I loved having him in our room. He's 12 weeks now and has been in his room for about 2 weeks. He does STTN with an occasional MOTN feeding, like tonight. He's also 15lbs so he was getting too big to keep in the bassinet anyways. I had been laying him in his crib for weeks during naps or when I would be putting away laundry, this way it was not a brand new environment. He does fine in there.
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  • The day little man was brought home from the hospital he started sleeping in his crib. We just never really had the room for a bassinet in our bedroom. We've never had an issue as long as he's snug in his swaddle sack. He's been sttn since about 6 weeks. I guess we had to make it work since we didn't have any other option.
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  • LO sleeps in a cradle at the side of our bed. She will transition out of that when she is too big for it and into the crib in our room. To reduce SIDS risk, it is recommended LO sleeps in room for 6 months, we'll be keeping her in our room (because of our own parenting beliefs) for a year and then will reassess and will probably move her to her own room. I don't think switching to the crib will be a challenge because the cradle is the same as the crib, just smaller, and it can swing.

    A lot of mamas are transitioning from the RnP to the crib (and are finding some success) by using the PnP during naps throughout the day (or putting LO in the crib for naps). 

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    We are 14 weeks. Have been sleeping in the crib at night since around 5 weeks. Just starting to sleep through the night and not every night. Not sleeping in the crib for naps usually sleeps next to me in the living room or my bedroom for that.
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