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Coconut milk and oil/aminos?

Thanks to rocknrollfriend for replying to an old post of mine and making me realize my ds's diaper rash was caused by coconut milk! I am wondering if anyone who's lo reacts to coconut milk also reacts to coconut oil or coconut aminos? I used coconut oil on my baby's skin as a moisturizer and it seems to be ok, but that's different than ingestion for sure. I just discovered an amazing allergen free bakery that uses coconut oil in their baked goods and I'd love to have a treat once in awhile! I also just discovered coconut aminos and would love to make some asian stir fry. 

Also, my ds failed almonds so I currently have no milk source. Anyone know of any rice milks that do not contain canola oil (we are off soy and corn which is in lots of canola oils) or carrageenan? 

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Re: Coconut milk and oil/aminos?

  • I can have coconut oil, shredded coconut, and coconut aminos with no noticeable effect on my DS. I have put coconut oil on his bum a few times and didn't notice any reaction (it also didn't really help much, either, so I didn't use it much). I've given him food cooked with coconut aminos and he got a rash on his face.
  • we use tons of coconut oil, milk, aminos and actual coconut with no reaction from my LO sorry if Im not a ton of help. 

    Have you tried hemp milk? You can buy it or make your own. I havent looked at rice milk in a while but I am sure you could find a safe one or again make your own. Sorry your lo is having so many reactions :/ thats tough.  

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  • Regarding alternative milk sources...

    My daughter is 13 months and allergic to dairy, soy, peanuts, treenuts, stone fruit and some spices.  Most kids her age have moved on to cows milk and sippy cups, but our daughter still gets 5-6 bottles a day.  Each bottle contains 3oz expressed breastmilk, and 3 oz prescription Nutramigen.

    We've worked with her pediatrician, nutritionist, and allergist to find a suitable substitute to the breastmilk/formula, but unfortunately we haven't found one.  We had some limited success with coconut milk yogurt and coconut milk, although too much gives her diarrhea.  Rice milk doesn't have enough protein, and the allergist was wary of hemp milk.  We've tried making smoothies but my daughter doesn't like them.  She doesn't like cold drinks, we still warm her bottles!

    We expect her to be drinking breastmilk/formula until she's 2. (although hopefully we can get her to take a sippy cup)  It looks like its the only way to make sure she gets the fat and protein she needs.  The pediatrician said not to worry about what other kids are drinking, that our daughters situation is unique and requires a unique solution. 

    If you don't have a nutritionist, I would suggest asking your ped/allergist for a recommendation.  I've found it very helpful!




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  • Thanks, and sorry for the delayed response. I am allergic to hemp so I'd rather not handle it or introduce it to my son because I'm nervous. I am going to try to bf as long as I can, seems like I will be in a similar situation to you rubber_chicken if my lo doesn't outgrow any of this. 
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  • LSU628LSU628
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    Can your LO do flaxmilk? It did a number on my DD's stomach, but I liked having another option and she liked the taste.
  • Yeah, I wanted to fall over when the nutritionist recommended breastfeeding until two.  Especially since my daughter never latched, so I've been exclusively pumping.  I really don't like it and would LOVE to stop, but what can you do? The kid needs to eat.  I'm only producing half of what she needs, and my supply may not last past 18 months, but I figure if I'll do this for her, for as long as I can.  (Not to make myself sound like one of those mother martyrs, I actually fall on the lazy side of the parenting spectrum.  But if there's one thing you have to do, its feed the baby.)

    I would ask your pediatrician or allergist if a prescription formula is an option for supplementing.  Our allergist gave us a prescription for one of the versions of Nutramigen, and we actually got our health insurance to cover 90% of the cost as a durable medical good (so through your health insurance, not your prescription drug insurance).  We have to mail order it through a medical supplier, but that's actually way convenient - we get a case delivered to our door next day when we need it!
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