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My son is 5 days old and we are both getting used to breastfeeding. I understand initial discomfort but every time he feeds I am in excruciating pain. I've tried to make sure he latches on correctly and it seems like he is but every time he sucks I am in agony : I don't want to give up so soon I just don't know what to do! Any tips will be appreciated.

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  • Congrats on your DS!!!

    It very well could be his latch. Could be a very simple fix. I'd get help from a certified LC or from a LLL leader. They know way more than any dr or nurse will. If your nipples are really sore right now you could always use a nipple shield until you are seen by someone. You can worry with getting him off the shield a bit later. My son was tonguetied, so we had to use it for him to latch. Once it was clipped I got him off of it.
    Check for possible tongue tie too.
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  • I used a nipple shield for 3 weeks with my 4 week old. I would cry in pain before when he would latch on my right side. Two days ago I tried it without the shield and he did great! And no pain!
  • Congratulations on you son!

    I would have a LC check his latch just to make sure and also, have him checked for a tongue tie/lip tie. If those don't seem to be the problem it could be thrush, did you receive any antibiotics during/after delivery? 

  • Nope, nothing during delivery! I am currently using a nipple shield. I guess the best thing to do is consult a LC. I think it is his latch but I can't seem to correct it. Thank you all!!
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    Don't give up!  An LC will likely be very helpful.  I know they can be very expensive but you can look into other options in your city.

    Here we have a local breastfeeding-baby wearing store.  3 LC's work there, one morning and one evening a week they have 1.5hr drop-in sessions.  For 20bucks you can go and get LC advice.  There may be a few other moms present but you get one on one time.  Last time I went I got 1.5hrs of private time since I was the only mom.  Best $20 ever!

    As well, the same store has a weekly "breastfeeding caf?" where a dozen or so Bf mom's come and hang out to help each other out and the LC's are there to give advise too...this one is free.

    Anyways, point being that you may be able to find a way to see an LC for much less if your city has similar places.



  • Also, google "laid back nursing" this position helps a lot of moms with pain that is due to a shallow latch.

    Dr. Jack Newman's website also has a lot of valuable information and kellymom. 

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