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Not interested in formula anymore

The past week DS (who is 11 months) has been disinterested in his bottle.  He just wants to eat table food.  He probably has had 10 ounces of formula per day at most.  Should I start introducing cows milk in a cup?  I thought they weren't suppose to have cow's milk until after one year? 

Re: Not interested in formula anymore

  • I thought my daughter was doing the same thing and I changed the nipple a level up and that seems to have helped. I was considering the same thing with the milk when she was refusing her bottle and I asked her Dr when we were there last week for her 9 month checkup. It seems that all Dr's say something different, but the Dr we saw said that we could do a bottle of milk. She said as long as DD is drinking 24 ounces of liquid, whether it be milk, water, or formula. Despite what she says, I am going to keep her on the formula to the 1 year mark. 
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    I am currently having the same problem with my son.  He is getting anywhere from 12-24 oz.  Usually closer to 12.  The pedi. said no milk until 1 year, BUT if he was doing ok on yogurt (which he is) in a pinch milk would be ok.  He also suggested putting his formula in a sippy with his meals in hopes that he would drink more.  If not ok, if so ok.  Since he is growing and hitting his milestones he is not overly concerned with his disinterest in the bottle, though he would like for his intake to be more.  I have tried the sippy and he just doesn't want it he would rather have water in his sippy.  I'm going to keep offering.  Some days he drinks more formula than others.  Sorry I couldn't offer much help.


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  • Mr doctor said they say formula or bm till one year because they provide better calories and "whole" nutrition than just cows milk will 
  • My 9 month old is doing the same thing.  Some days she just won't want her bottle or will only drink 3 oz at a time.  A fast nipple has helped some but not to much.   She hasn't gotten the hang of the sippy cup yet so that doesn't help.  I noticed she drinks a little less if she's teething.  But either way she gets 20-21 oz a day so the Dr. said no cow's milk till they assess her at her 12 month appt. to make sure she has gotten everything she needs from the formula.  Therefore, to make up for the loss of formula she needs more calcium and iron in her diet.  The Dr. said iron fortified cereal is good also little pieces of cheese.  She's not a fan of cheese but loves her cereal/oatmeal.  I got her organic greek yogurt to help with the calcium but she's not a fan of that either.  Good luck.  I hear this happens a lot.
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