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holy crap guise

I start school tomorrow for my CNA, the first step in a long road to eventually being an RN, hopefully IBCLC.. I am both excited and nervous. I got the book 3 weeks early in hopes of looking over it.. and it was in its box until I just now put it in my backpack. I feel like a total nerd. I have my lunch backpack packed and my clothes laid out.

I have to be at the bus stop at 7 am, so I should definitely be in bed. My anxiety is through the roof though.. and I can't settle down. I have major anxiety issues with new situations and people, so that has my nerves all wacked. I shouldn't be so nervous, I am sure I'll get the info easily with my prior schooling background biochemistry/pre pharm.
Very thankfully, I have a friend from HS who is in the nursing program there. So at least 1 familiar face.

Say a little prayer or something for me tomorrow that I don't make an azz out of myself being socially awkward please.
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