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Those who circumcise

For those of you who chose to circumcise your son, how was he the day of and after the procedure? Really fussy?

My son has an appointment at his doctor's office on Tuesday to get it done, and I have no idea what to expect afterwards.

Re: Those who circumcise

  • Well he was only two days old so he pretty much just slept all day.  Good luck!  I'm sure it will be fine.
  • We did. He didn't seem any more fussy. Same with DS 1. Maybe when I would touch it or clean around it, he would squirm a bit, but that's about it.
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  • My LO was 3 days old when he got his done, he was a little fussy. I think they gave him some sugar water(not sure) and they had me feed him right after they were done because usually they will go into a deep sleep. They said that nursing would comfort him.


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    My son will be three weeks when it's done. I hope waiting isn't going to make it worse for him because he's more awake and aware of what's going on now. We waited because he was so tiny at birth, and we wanted to make sure he was doing good and gaining weight, which were our top priorities, in the beginning.
  • We did E at 4 weeks, he had no issues to speak of. He cried during the diaper changes but at that stage he did that no matter what so it is hard to say if it was due to the procedure. I think the anticipation was harder then the after care.

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  • I just had my 3rd son, and all of them are circumcised. I never had issues with the first two. DS1 was a day old and he had no issue. DS2 was 6 days old, and didn't have an issue. DS3..... he was 5 days old, and they did it in the room next door!!! I heard my little guy crying. I am assuming it was when they were numbing him, because of the needle. I asked if they had a numbing cream first, before the needle and they didn't. He stopped crying, then cried again very briefly...then 20 min later he was in my arms again. That day he seemed pretty cranky. It broke my heart!! But the next day he seemed fine...and his little plastic ring fell off on day 5 after his procedure.

    His Dr. said I didn't need to put anything on it...however; we put Vaseline on the tip of it, as the diaper would stick to the tip of his penis and he showed discomfort.

    Ask your Dr. about the numbing cream first...then the local anesthetic, and try the sugar water. The clinic I went to was out of the sugar water!!

    Your LO will be fine! It's harder on us mama's then on them.


  • image MeghanKG:
    He was only a day old so I can't say he was more sleepy than usual, but he seemed fine.

    This was us too. He seemed perfectly fine, just slept like he does now. Good luck!!
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  • We had it done when DS was 6 days old. He was fine during the procedure, but during the 20min we had to wait so they could make sure it stopped bleeding the poor guy freaked out. It broke my heart! He was so upset he would eat and started making cries we hadn't heard before. They gave him some Tylenol and he fell asleep 5 or 10 min after and slept for 3.5 hours. That night he was a little fussy so we gave him more Tylenol and he was fine after that. It never seemed to bother him during diaper changes. Pedi told us to put a big gob of Vaseline on some gauze and put it on first then the diaper. We stopped using the gauze about a week later.

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  • We had the circ done at the hospital the day after he was born. They just said he would be extra sleepy after the procedure.

  • DS was about 4 days old I think. He seemed a little more tired than usual that night, but didn't act like he was in pain.




  • Our son was not quite 48 hours old when he had it done. They said he didn't even cry for more than 10 seconds. He slept most of the next day, but he was 2 days old... they all do that. :) 


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    image MeghanKG:
    He was only a day old so I can't say he was more sleepy than usual, but he seemed fine.

    This was my little guy, too.


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  • He had it done the day after he was born in the hospital and was very sleepy all day.

  • He was pretty much slept the day away. He had his completed when he was 2 days old. They gave him some sugar water.
  • My son was a few days old. He wasn't fussy at all. My 2 year old was circ'd as a baby too and was fine afterwards.
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  • My son was 6 weeks old and had been home from the nicu for a week. I was with him the whole time. I think it was worse for me than it was for him. He only cried when they strapped his legs down and when they put iodine on him because it was cold. They gave him sugar on his binky which made him super sleepy. He slept pretty hard the day of and was a bit fussy the next day. Tylenol seemed to help him feel better. The second day after he was back to his old self.
  • image MeghanKG:
    He was only a day old so I can't say he was more sleepy than usual, but he seemed fine.

    same here. 

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  • Mine wasn't bad, he just slept a lot from the sugar water. Just give him all the tlc he needs!
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    Mine got his done when he was 2 days old before we left the hospital. He just slept a lot like he had been. I didn't notice any fussiness.


  • We had his done at one week. He wasnt super fussy or any more fussy than normal. I think it was harder on me than him. He just slept a lot which was normal. 

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  • image MeghanKG:
    He was only a day old so I can't say he was more sleepy than usual, but he seemed fine.

    Same here.

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  • DS was circumcised the day after he was born. He was not additionally fussy, but somewhat more sleepy for about half a day (difficulty waking to latch).  Other than that we had no problems.  The little ring fell off 9 days after and he is doing well.
  • image notquiteblushing:
    Well he was only two days old so he pretty much just slept all day.  Good luck!  I'm sure it will be fine.

    this he slept and wasn't very hungry 


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