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July Challenge * Day 7

Hope WinterBenson doesn't mind me posting for her...Let me know if I'm overstepping!!!

-carpntrgrl - 2/4 lbs | 3/4 workouts | 5/7 H2O

-Drea926 - 0/5 Lbs

-happylady5 -2/3 workouts

-holly321 - 2/10 lbs | 1/3 workouts | 1/7 Tracked

-jkuhmann - 0/3 lbs | 5/5 workouts | 21/20 AP

-Karla CS - 2/2 workouts | 0/1 Run

-SidraJedi - 0/2 lbs

-WinterBenson - 0.2/5 lbs | 0/14 AP | 0/7 Days Tracked 



Re: July Challenge * Day 7

  • I crawled around and pretended to be a dog with dd for half an hour, I am counting that as a workout.
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  • I think you're good counting it as a workout!


    I did not get a run in, but I did get about 2 hours of yardwork in.. I'm counting it. 

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  • You can put me down for 1lb lost. I don't think I've ever lost that much in one week without starving myself! So glad I did it the healthy way so it will stay off instead of coming back to haunt me like heffalumps and woozles :) It will be nice if I can get that other lb off and see the 160s which I haven't seen since 2011!

    Sadly my water intake is starting to slip. What do you ladies do to get your water in? Filling water bottles in the am to use all day was working for me but I got out of the habit. Any other tips to fall back on?

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  • Workout AND water for yesterday!
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