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Getting cold feet

Clearly I have TONS of time to think about this but I've been thinking about cloth diapering for over a year now regardless.  I just recently found out i'm pregnant so obviously my mind has kicked into high gear. 

Up until now I was completely sold on cloth diapers.  I love the concept of the BumGenius 4.0 diapers and I've even mentioned it to the hubby and he's totally on board.  

Now that it's a reality I'm starting to second guess myself, so I'm looking for some advice from the professionals.  My main concern is when i'm out and about, which is often for me.  I'm thinking back to 5 years ago when I was a full time nanny for my cousin's 3 month old twins 5 days a week.  As part of my job I was always running tons of errands (so i'd be out for a few hours) and sometimes I just wanted to get out of the house so I'd bring them with me to friends/family (sometimes a full day).  Granted these were twins, so the diaper bag had 2x more stuff... but I'm starting to think with cloth diapers I'm going to have to lug around a rolling suitcase! (especially if I'm out and about all day).  My other concern would be that I'd smell like a public bathroom lugging around a day's worth of dirty diapers. 

What advice would you give in regards to these concerns?   Thanks!

Re: Getting cold feet

  • Carrying around CD's might be a tiny bit bulkier than sposies, but either way you have to carry around diapers.  And your wet bag you put in your diaper bag when out does not smell at all...promise.

    When you start to use them and see the different brands and styles, some are easier and trimmer for squeezing into the diaper bag 

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  • megpegmegpeg
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    We use pockets. I usually spend 1 night a week at my parents house and have 2 days worth of diapers when we head home. The wet bags hold the smell in really well. You cannot smell them at all until you open the bag. I usually keep 2 wet bags with me. I put one in the car and put dirty diapers in there so I don't have to keep carrying them around. We were unsure of CDing until we really tried. Now we love it.
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  • Personally for me, naps are king around here, so we are rarely out of the house for more than a few hours at a time. Granted, I have one of those crazy kids who only sleeps in his crib (or for a few minutes in his carseat). Anyway, if you're worried about the bulk of carrying a ton of diapers, just put one or two in your diaper bag and leave more in the car. You can also keep an extra wetbag in the car so you're not lugging around all your dirties. But like PP said, you really don't smell them once they're in the wetbag.


  • Get a Planet Wise wet bag they are amazing my husband left a poopy diaper in one of my wet bags for two days in a hot car. Super gross right? Right but the reason he forgot there was a big ole stinker was there was no stink. We keep a hanging bag on the main floor of our house with two days worth of diaper laundry no smell in my house either they are the best bags ever. Cloth diaper takes no more time than disposables nothing like being stressed and accidentally ripping a disposable and having to start from scratch. And the money you will save its amazing. I really regret not CD from the beginning.
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  • I love the 4.0s. I would say take the plunge, especially with cotton babies sale going on (the buy5get1 ends like today or tomorrow I think...) AND a free diaper for purchases over $100. If you don't like CDing, you can probably get most of your money back.

    ETA: I second the planet wise bags! 

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  • Have you looked into AI2s or Hybrid diapers for when you're out and about?  If you love the BG 4.0, you may love the FLIPS...which have a disposable insert!  Or Best Bottoms, you could carry about a couple shells and just a handful of liners and have a whole day's worth of changes.  I think they'd take us less room than sposies.
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  • A few months before my DS was born I decided I wanted to CD. After weeks of boggling my mind with research I too got "cold feet" and decided to go with sposies. Then, about a month before my edd I said, "What the heck, I'll give it a shot," and it was the best decision ever!

    If you go with CDs and decide its not for you, guess what? You can sell your stash and get a portion of your money back. The same cannot be said for sposies.

    For going out I LOVE Best Bottom diapers. I usually carry around 2 shells (and my baby is wearing another) and 4 inserts and I still have plenty of room for 2 outfits, my wet bag, 2 burp cloths, wipes case, changing pad and a bunch of other stuff. And my diaper bag is not huge.

    My wet bag is a Planetwise and there is no smell at all. 


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  • I've only been cloth diapering our 3 wk old for a week now, but I have to say its not as overwhelming as you might think. I hate being stuck at home, so we are out and about a lot. I have found no difference using cloth while out. We use a mix of best bottoms, Bumgenius FreeTimes and SoftBums. Highly recommend all of them!!

    Also, you might want to look into the SoftBums if you like pocket diapers, but also might be interested in the AI2 systems. SoftBums Omnis are pocket diapers or you can use them as an AI2. Nice having a choice ESP when u are around town and not at home.
  • When I nannied for a kid in cloth I just put him in a disposable when we were out. His patents did too. That's what I plan to do with my LO too.
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  • tmrchitmrchi
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    In addition to the previous comments, remember that cloth diapering doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Nobody will judge you if you occasionally use disposables (at least nobody should)

    When we started CDing we did it just at home and used 'sposies when we were out and about. After a couple of weeks, I felt comfortable enough bringing CDs with me when I was out.

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  • I used disposables the first couple of times I went out with DD.

    Then I learned about the true joy that is a poop explosion.

    FYI It is NOT fun to clean poo out of a carseat.

    Now we use cloth pretty much wherever we go.  There is no smell in a wetbag.  And if you really want, you can use flushable liners to catch the poop.


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