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No pregnancy symptoms

I had 4 positive pregnancy tests, yes I took four because I have no symptoms. Is this normal? I am worried something might be wrong. This is my husband and I's first so we dont really know what to expect. I get a little more tired than usual but that is it. It says I am due on March 5th, I don't have an appointment until the end of July. Should I be worried about not having any symptoms?

Re: No pregnancy symptoms

  • I feel the exact same way!! I'm due March 6th, and I don't feel any different. I was worried at first, but the more I've read says it's still early and be thankful for feeling good now, because it can change very soon... Hopefully we'll stay feeling good!! Congrats!!
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  • Try not to worry. Every woman is different. Some have every symptom in the book and some go their whole pregnancy with minimal symptoms. Also, it is still early. I would bet you will get symptoms soon, but if not, just count your blessings!
  • Every pregnancy is different and every woman is too. Some woman just don't have symptoms. Consider yourself lucky because the symptoms usually aren't good i.e. morning sickness! However, symptoms don't generally start until after you're 6 weeks pregnant. With DS I was 7 weeks along when morning sickness started. Enjoy it!
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  • I am almost the exact same way and have had dwindling symptoms. My first appointment is July 15 so I am hoping that my doc will calm my nerves a little. Until then I just keep telling myself "Today I am pregnant and so happy!" Best of luck calming the nerves, ladies!
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  • Nope, some women have a lot, some women have none.  Plus it's still early, enjoy not having symptoms while you can.  Last time by 18 weeks I had carpal tunnel, gestational diabetes, constipation, exhaustion, some spotting, headaches, etc.  Enjoy your symptom free status while you can.

    Right now my only symptoms are very mild period-like cramps and exhaustion.  I get a little bit of round ligament pain and vurps ( I get vurps instead of MS).

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  • You're totally fine.  Last pregnancy I had no symptoms my entire first trimester. 

    I was hoping for the same this time, but have been having very mild nausea.  Hoping that it doesn't get worse.  (As I'm only 6 weeks along)

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  • I am in the same boat. And I am super worried with just having a miscarriage in April. Before my now I had extremely sore boobs this time they just feel heavy only symptom I got is the smell if smoke really bugs me.
  • Don't be worried.  Like people have said everyone's pregnancies are different.  With my second pregnancy I had ZERO symptoms until my third trimester.  At first I was just praying to have some form of nausea to make my pregnancy 'real.'  because I had had a previous miscarriage.  Delivered a healthy baby boy last year, and now I can look back and be thankful that I didn't have any crazy symptoms. 
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