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One month old, sleeping unswaddled?

My baby can break her arms out of almost every swaddle I tried. I did find one a YouTube video called escape proof swaddle that would work for we where you use a receiving blanket to hold their arms straight down at their sides and then use a swaddle wrap over that. But with that she seemed to be waking up and being angry that her arms were straight. Also, she is very warm blooded so she was sweating like crazy. So is started using the AA muslin swaddle blankets and just wrapping her with her arms almost out. The first night she slept great. Went a 5 hour stretch. Then the second night was horrible, with her waking every 2 hours. Now I don't know if it has to do with the swaddle, or just one of those nights. Does anyone have a little one who sleeps with their arms unswaddled??

Re: One month old, sleeping unswaddled?

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