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Phantom boy name?

Corban or Xander?

MN is set as Preston. Spellings are set. Corban is a family name. LN starts with a J and rhymes with Lincolns.

First month TTCing #2 7/12

My DX: Lupus, PCOS, LPD and LP/DH's DX: LM
m/c 10/04, m/c 7/05
Pregnant with DD, after 3 rounds of Clomid, 8/06, loss of her twin 11/06
m/c 1/09, mc 2/13, c/p 5/13
1st round of Clomid this time (50 mg) 10/13- BFN
2nd round of Clomid (100 mg) 11/13- BFN
Cycle #18: 12/13- Break from meds for yet another HSG for me and yet another SA for DH. We're on our own this month! 

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Re: Phantom boy name?

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