Napping and STTN

Does anyone have any tips on getting their twins to nap or STTN?  When mine turned 4 months they started sleeping about 6-8 hours a night but it only lasted 2 weeks and as of two weeks ago they now wake up every 2-3 hours and it takes me up to 3 hours to even get them back to sleep. When they wake up I will nurse them and put them back in their crib but they will wake up right away.

I also have trouble getting them to nap because they hear the other one crying when I try to put one down for a nap. I briefly tried to use the ferber method but it just doesn't seem to work on them and I hate to hear them cry like that so I stopped after 2 days. Does anyone have any advice that can be used long term?

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Re: Napping and STTN

  • Our boys are 5 months and while they dont STTN yet they do get up just once to eat and go right back down. We use sleep sacks still, sound machine and their new mobiles seem to soothe them. I guess we unintentionally did the CIO method. I sat next to their crib for a while and realized they need to fuss before bed. They literally rock themselves back and forth and cry but if I try to soothe them or pick them up it just made it worse. It's like they need this time alone to just fall asleep. Obviously if they were screaming I would get them but they cry a little before bed and naps but sleep great. They can self soothe now and even though I didn't plan on doing CIO, for them it was something they really needed to sleep better. Good luck mama! It's not easy.
  • I just wrote this today for a bunch of new parents who've been asking for help in that department. It may or may not help, but I thought I'd pass it along!


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  • image BananaPancake:

    I just wrote this today for a bunch of new parents who've been asking for help in that department. It may or may not help, but I thought I'd pass it along!


    This is great! Thank you! 
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  • The following is not meant to scare you.

    My boys did not STTN until they were over 12 months old. I tried EVERYTHING. You name a sleep book, we tried everything in it. CIO was a failure, no cry solution was a failure, you name it.

    Like I said, I don't say this to scare you, your babies will probably figure out sleeping much sooner than mine did. I'm telling you about my kids because all through this time I felt like a huge failure. Parents whose kids STTN at three weeks old can act like you must be an idiot if your kids aren't sleeping. Every expect who has written a book makes it sound so simple. Clearly I was a crap mother who couldn't figure this out. Then one day it occurred to me that if there were a perfect solution that there would only be one book. There are so many because all babies are different. In our case we tried a modified version of CIO at around 13 months and it worked great. My boys just weren't ready before that. And now at two we rarely have a peep between 7:30 and 6:30.

    So by all means, try the methods in the books. But if they don't work, don't waste any of your precious energy blaming yourself. It may take time, but this too shall pass.
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  • I totally agree with Museum Maven. Mine are 9 mos and still get up a few times each, particularly DS. Just in the past week or so I think he is sleeping longer stretches but I just try not to get hung up in it because its just more stress. Right now we still co sleep so it's just easier for me to nurse them back to sleep.

    Good luck to you but don't feel like you are the only one whose LOs haven't figured it out yet!
  • My advice is to increase their food so they feel fuller. That is how I got mine to sleep the night. They always followed the bottle, digest, play, nap routine. So up about 1.5 to 2 hours then down and at night final bottle around 8 and down till 6 am. Mine sttn at exactly 4 months old.
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