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Carseat storage

Is there any reason I shouldn't store my carseats in our basement? It's not finished. It can be prone to some flooding, but we'd make sure the seats were stored high enough to avoid any water damage. Anything else I should be careful of?
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Re: Carseat storage

  • I had one stored wrapped in a trash bag for awhile and it was fine. It wasn't on the floor.
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  • Ah, mold. I don't think it's too damp, but I avoid going down there at all costs so I'm not sure. I'll have to ask DH. I know that I stored my maternity clothes down there for about 18 months in a plastic tub and they were fine. Didn't smell or anything. So hopefully if I wrap them up well or can fit them into a tub, they'll be okay. It's not really for long-term storage. I mean it is, but we'll be taking them out to use them once every month or two. We don't have a car and I'm trying to preserve space inside the apartment if I can.
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  • That's where we keep ours. It's off the ground and it can get damp, but we've never had an issue. Better than a hot attic, I think. 

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  • Just put it in a heavy duty trash bag and it should be safe from anything down there. I have one out in my garage right now wrapped up in a lawn trash bag for when we need it again. 
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