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I'm planning on starting one to narrow down exactly what DD is allergic too. Anyone who has done this - how quickly is the food I eat turned into milk? And in turn - how fast is that milk digested? 

She has BMs with nearly every diaper (and specks of blood when it disagrees with her) - if I eat something at 9:00 am and she is intolerant to it, how fast will the symptom show up?  

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  • For my DS he seems to react about 12 to 18 hrs after I mess up and eat something that doesn't agree with him. He will continue to have symptoms for 1 or 2 weeks. HTH!
  • I would say that a reaction would be anywhere from 3hours to 12 to 18 hours.

    Have you considered dairy? Dairy does take 2 to 4 weeks to get out of your system, but if you completely eliminate dairy you would probably notice a difference within a few days.

    I have been dairy free for over 3 months now and if I accidentally have dairy hidden dairy I normally see a reaction in DD in about 6 hours, and it is mostly gone in about 24 hours. I think if I ate an obvious dairy it would take longer to be completely gone.
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    Thanks! Yes, I did cut dairy out, but it's entirely possible hidden dairy snuck in there. We've been dairy free for about a month now. The bleeding was more obvious in a diaper yesterday and I'd had a ton of corn (chips, popcorn, etc.) so I'm thinking she might have a corn intolerance as well. 
    DS1 - 9; DS2 - 6; Angel - May 10, 2011; Baby Girl - Due May 19, 2013
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    depending on what you eat, the proteins take various times to be broken down and enter milk.  some proteins enter breastmilk very easily --like dairy--they piggyback onto the breastmilk protein and are like RIGHT THERE right away and stick around for a long time.  other proteins don't seem to enter milk as eaily and may take longer for an intolerance to show up. We really do not fully understand these things and how they work in breastmilk. 

    a lot is trial and error because there is variation also with how your body breaks down proteins due to your metabolism.  I'd look for reactions within 24 hours after any food consumed.  when you see a pattern, you back up and eat that food for at least 2 days in a row and see what happens, then go without that food for at least 2 days and see what happens. 

    The first thing to do if you are dairy free is to get a good list of all the names that dairy can hide as in an ingredient list.  if problems continue, soy is the most likely next culprit and soy, like dairy is in so much of our food supply. 

    some people do well with a food diary cause they eat about the same things, not a lot of processed foods and it's pretty easy to narrow down. others it's harder cause with a wide variety of foods it's harder to narrow down.  For some they go on an bit of a elimination diet for a week, and then reintro foods so that perhaps the reaction for baby will be easier to identify.


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