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Up and Up Target diapers

Does anyone use these for their LO and how do they stand against blowouts? I used them from like 8 months on for my DS and liked them. My DS had so many blowouts as a newborn, we used Pampers. I have been using Pampers again with DD who rarely has leakage problems and am thinking of switching early and saving some money.
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Re: Up and Up Target diapers

  • We got a pack of size 1 and 2s as a shower gift.  I know they are a couple dollars cheaper, but I'm just not as big of a fan like I am the Pampers.  DD does a good job on the blow outs usually and Pampers Swaddlers have been our friend.  The Target brand comes in second.


  • Sometimes blowouts happen no matter what.  We were using pampers and they worked well, but too expensive.  Huggies were terrible, never held anything.  I LOVE the target brand!  They are cheaper and with a few exceptions, hold everything in.  I recommend them!
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  • I've used them off and on since LO was born - no issues!
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  • We cloth diaper Ginny, but when we need disposables for some reason, I get Up & Up and they are fine. We use Up & Up on my 2 1/2 year old for overnight and they're great.

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  • Of the multiple types of diapers we've tried, Target brand have been the best at holding it all in.
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  • target diapers are great! we love those and huggies. pampers work great too, but they always feel so soggy even if there is only a little bit of pee. it's kind of annoying. but all diapers have worked well for us except for when they had runny newborn poo. that was when pampers beat everyone hands down. now it doesn't really matter.

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  • I am a fan of up and up products. We use the diapers for our LO and no complaints at all. We also use pampers swaddlers and liked those too! I did not like huggies at all. Too many accidents with those diapers.
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    We were using pampers since our daughter was born.  We did experienced some blow outs.  Last week, I too wanted to try to save some money so I tried the Target brand diapers.  I started with a small package of 50 for like $6.  And found that they worked great for us.  No blowouts and have been using them since with no complaints
  • I usually use Luvs but got a pack of size two upup and hated them! They didn't fit my little lady and all of her blowouts were more like blowUPS. Everything went right out the top of them. I used them all and was happy when I was out!

  • I bought a small pack and loved them! I prefer pampers but agree with PP, for the price of Up and Up you can't go wrong. We are still working through Pampers we got for shower gifts but once those are gone I will probably use UP and Up for daycare and pampers at home to keep costs in check!

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  • Yea I'm all about target, cvs brand, rite aid brand diapers during the day time hours when your on your toes. BUT at night, its wise to invest in a good and sturdy diaper that will protect against leaks. This works for our 12 week old well.

    This is especially true when the kids get older and start potty training - huggies pull ups makes a great "night time" specifically geared pull up.  

     Wish I knew these things with DS1 

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